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  1. reef46

    Coralife PureFlo II - Replace Filters?

    will do. thanks for the assistance!
  2. reef46

    Coralife PureFlo II - Replace Filters?

    Wow...I've been off of these boards for maybe a year and there have been some intense changes! My question to all is this... I have had my Coralife PureFlo II RODI unit sitting in my garage for about 1 year now without use. The cartridges in the three main chambers are very brown. I am...
  3. reef46

    Anyone watching Spartacus?

    perfect set up to season two! I really like how they went into his life as a slave before he led the revolt!
  4. reef46

    Why are these dirtbags getting so much press?

    and are you not being a hypocrite by posting the link to their article? I was unaware until you told me about it.
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    Yet another reason to ban assault weapons

    I don't know if anyone has said it yet. (im not going to read 9 pages of posts) Gun control laws are ONLY going to affect the people who abide the law. Taking away the ability to own a firearm is saying "hey come mug, ----, murder me and my family". Criminals would love it if they new that...
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    Green Star Polyp taking over??

    When i had my tank set up I had my gsp rock sitting alone on the sand bed. All depends on how you want to aquascape, but I always know that I wouldnt have to worry about peeling it off of other rocks. (easy to frag when it grows out on the bed and lr rubble that I placed around it!)
  7. reef46

    Rainwater Reservoir for my Reef Tank

    How'd you get so smart?!?! I appreciate your input. I'm gonna start looking for pumps for my sprinklers! :)
  8. reef46

    Rainwater Reservoir for my Reef Tank

    I didnt think about the pumps needed to run this water through the filter. I was thinking of relying on all of the pressure build up from gravity being that the tank is 10 feet tall. I'll probably give it a shot and if it deos not work with gravity I will just run the discarded water to the...
  9. reef46

    Rainwater Reservoir for my Reef Tank

    Hey Everyone, It has been a long time since I started a thread. I am moving into a new place in a few months and am going to do things right. I'm tring to go somewhat "green". I have purchased a 750gallon water reservoir that I will be hooking up to my gutter system for various uses around...
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    I can't find a job ANYWHERE.

    Originally Posted by Oceansidefish If you speak fluent spanish the Border Patrol is hiring. USAjobs is really good. If you have a bachelors there is always substitute teaching. thats what im doing to get thru college. here in FL all you need is a HS diploma....$110 a day isnt too bad.
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    BIGGEST mistake you've made in the hobby

    My worst mistake wouls have to be dropping out of the hobby for a year. I am stuck missing my reef that I sold for 1/3 of what it was actually worth...only to want to get my feet wet again. Come June I'm starting back up!!!!!
  12. reef46

    My tanks (46g bow SW 55g FW)

    I used to have a nice 46 setup like yours. It's now sitting empty in my parents garage. I graduate from college in may and you can guarantee that I'll be setting it up again! Your pics are making me really anxious to get the process going!
  13. reef46

    125 Gal Bowfront....What to pay?

    Originally Posted by Sly Well maybe if the original price was $10,000 and they marked it down to $5000 then it would be an even better deal... I wasnt tring to defend this certain store in anyway. I was simply tring to state how outragious the price initially was! $2000 sounded like a...
  14. reef46

    125 Gal Bowfront....What to pay?

    Thats funny you all say this. The only reason I was considering this tank was that they have it marked down to $2000. Original price was $4,955!
  15. reef46

    125 Gal Bowfront....What to pay?

    I have an opprotunity to buy a brand new 125 gal oceanic bowfront with hood, stand, and wet/dry with bioballs rated at 250gals. Along with live sand. The price is 2000 dollars is that a good deal? Edit: IT's actually a 175 gallon aquarium!!!!
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    Coralife PureFlo II 50GPD 4sale.

    4 stage South West Florida Marine Aquarist Society
  17. reef46

    Coralife PureFlo II 50GPD 4sale.

    Like the title says i have this RODI unit for sale. I thought I would be getting back into the hobby but for now I just need the space.... I'm asking 75dollars ($105 shipped) Everything on the unit was only used for 2-3 months. Location...Estero, FL (Ft. Myers Area) PM Me with any interest.
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    Originally Posted by salty blues How do the boozers fare? Just the same.
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    No comment that I or anyone else for that matter could change anyone's mind on the subject because if you smoke your going to continue to smoke... However, I can only state what I observe. As an employee of a University Housing office every student I have witnessed, who has been found...
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    Zoas, Zoas, and Zoas!!

    i think "nothing that great" is a bit of an understatement!