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    60" light on a 72" FOWLR tank?

    @987654321 You just saved me some $$. I also was thinking if I can get away with a 48" fixture on a 6' tank and was wondering how the ends would look without direct light over it. Thanks for the pics, I'll be looking to get a 6 bulb fixture probably the tek or maybe the ATI. I only have a...
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    72" lighting system is it needed?

    I currently have a 45 ga tank up and running. It's 36"x12"x24" it has an HQI MH aqua medic pendant. The bulb itself sits above the 6"x3" glass shield and is able to light up the full 36" tank and then some. I just upgraded and am in the process of setting up a 72"x18"x23" AGA RR tank. My...
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    anybody interested in buying a 125 gallon tank in Illinois

    I would be interested, not sure how far you're from chicago. What are the dimensions of the aquarium? Reef Ready I'm guessing?
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    tropic marine vs TM pro

    I heard that Pro is recommended if you are running a calcium reactor. I purchased Pro and started to get some brown algae growing in my tank (I do not run a calcium reactor). I've since switched back to regular tropicmarin.
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    Nova Extreme T5.These reflectors might work.

    I hope the reflectors fit. If they do I'll be purchasing a Nova fixture to replace my pc lighting.
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    Percula vs. Ocellaris

    This is not the best example..........Maybe this might confuse you a lil but here goes....heres my pair of TRUE perculas Here is my pair of (false perculas) ocellaris..................... Does that help you
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    Metal Halide Clamp On Lamp

    Like I said before, if you can offset the heat go with the 150. I've never heard of algae problems because the tank has too many watts over it. If the lights are the problem then I would suggest getting new bulbs. There could be many reasons for the algae growth but really doubt it's because...
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    Metal Halide Clamp On Lamp

    If getting the sunpod, I would pay the extra 20 and get 150W, that's just me though. As long as you can offset the heat output.
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    Show us your babies!

    Originally Posted by Reef Diver Theres a thread on --, about a gy who breeds everything imaginable, i think hes gotten to 10 days MWP, is a pretty good fish breeder from what I've read.
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    Show us your babies!

    Originally Posted by joebob7 hey bang guy do you have any pics of the mandarins when their older?? I'd like to see that also.
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    DeMartini's 14G BioCube

    Gotta love those coco worms. I've been looking for some here in chicago.
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    How Much Space For A Flame Angle

    If you follow the 1-1.5 lbs of LR per ga of water. I think a 30 ga is fine for a dwarf angel. I've done it and many of my friends have also. I have a blue tang in a 10 ga tank. Most people here would be against that big time but he's barely larger then a nickel at most. Will eventually go...
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    my updated 10 gallon nano

    The lighting is fine, we're talking about pc lighting here. Some people use MH lighting on their 10 ga tanks.
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    Setting up a 10 gallon nano

    Like I posted before, I run the 96w fixture, I definetly like it BUT I would recommend you going with the 24" Nova cost about $150 but I've heard of people keeping sps corals and even heard of people keeping clams. Won't be able to that with 96 of pc's. Eventually you might want...
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    Setting up a 10 gallon nano

    I have a 10 ga tank with 96 watts of pc. I've had a rbta that has been doing fine and looks a lot redder than the rbta I have in my 45 with Phoenix 14K's (less red) but noticeable difference. If I had to do it over and did not want to go with a DIY lighting. I would definetly go with T5's. A...
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    DeMartini's 14G BioCube

    @Demartini, where did you get the onyx clowns? You might have posted this before but this is too long of a thread to read up Nice tank by the way.
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    Daddy's Room

    I hope you got this covered but......Maybe you should leave some access doors over the tank so you can reach in and clean the glass, move a pc of LR/coral or any other type of maintenance.
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    My 10 gallon nano

    @Hopkins6, I got the rbta from someone local breaking down his tank. I got 2 of them actually for $25 each. Most Online vendors give you some type of live arrival gaurantee, I'm sure Rods reef does also but you would have to ask Rod. @team2jndd, I've heard a lot of opinions from different...
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    My 10 gallon nano

    Originally Posted by fishy head how do you like the clowns, i was thinking about getting a pair My onyx clowns are kick ass. I was thinking of upgrading them to my 45 gallon since the female has grown quite a bit. She's at least 1.5" but to move them up I would have to get rid of my...
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    My 10 gallon nano

    Prices vary depending on what you want and how colored up the clowns are. Mine were VERY colored up for their size especially the smallest one, already had it's 3rd stripe coming out and was at the most 3/4" in size, with a lot of black already in between it's second and third stripe. I also...