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  1. vivioo7

    Why is the little giant 3 series more expensive than a quiet one 6000?

    Ive been looking to get a quiet one 6000 to replace my little giant 3 non x. the little giant is rated for 700 gph and costs 140 while the quiet one is rated for 1506gph and costs 90 and is submersable? why is the quiet one cheaper?
  2. vivioo7

    STN infection...

    +1 gator
  3. vivioo7

    Something's taking over my sand

    its not hair. what did the pics you looked up of cyano look like
  4. vivioo7

    Do I have Worms?

    need a pic or atleast more detail. how many how thick etc
  5. vivioo7

    UV sterilizer question

    How often should you replace the bulbs on UV sterilizers if ever? I didnt think it needed to be done and Ive never heard anything about it.
  6. vivioo7

    Bryopis Problem

    Its never necessary to do this but it obviously works just make sure you rinse well. Im fighting bryopsis right now as well my method is taking it all out manually and letting chaeto eat the resulting po4. I find my dkh drops crazy fast about 3 per day due to the dying algae so keeping that up...
  7. vivioo7

    How long without lights? Will they survive?

    I dont think the anemones will make it or the frogspawn or sps. Try to talk a friend or lfs into holding them for you. JMO
  8. vivioo7

    New chalice

    This is my first chalice Ive had it for almost a week now and Im not sure if it acclimated well. The main mouth looks like its sticking out too far to me. What do you all think?
  9. vivioo7

    Bang guy's lagoon! Show us some new pics!

    Why did you make it with no viewing area except the top? Sorry if youve mentioned this before but I dont think I would get enough enjoyment out of it unless I was using it for breeding or something?
  10. vivioo7

    Orange Sun Coral

    i got a baby polyp for free about two weeks ago and i feed it about every third day and its grown tissue since i got it. tonight i fed it a mysis and it wasnt open at all but it opened just enough to swallow it. i think turning off the flow helps when you feed
  11. vivioo7

    refugium vs. sump

    Id go with a refugium so that you can have a macro algae which will remove other nutrients besides phosphates and wont lower you dkh as bad as phosban. It will also give a place for pods to grow and a remote deep sand bed if you want. You can add rock and sand to a sump as long as you dont let...
  12. vivioo7

    Not for the squeamish - anemone gone bad

    Im pretty sure the second a tang touches a carpet its unconscious so the tang didnt know to swim away
  13. vivioo7

    Building my sump/refuge - starting today

    I just glued my last baffle tonight, I got glass from lowes, they cut it for me its 2.5 mm though I hope it will work. the biggest water level difference will be about 5 inches anyone know? Also I thought pods would live fine in chaeto but LRR would benefit them? Your design looks good, mine...
  14. vivioo7

    ARO good replacement?

    If you mean internal ballast make sure your connections have the same fittings, I dont know about the brand though sorry
  15. vivioo7

    How long can Bang hold out...?

    Thats awesome, I want to get bagaiis but Im scared cus last time I got three and they all died
  16. vivioo7

    Heniochus reef compatibility

    i had one i dont know the species but it picked on my zoas mushrooms featherdusters snails and i think hermit crabs, i didnt have any lps or sps at the time.
  17. vivioo7


    whats your alk? organic phosphrous can feed hair algae but cant be tested for, having a proper level of carbonate hardness will help bond the organic phosphorus so that it cant be used by the algae
  18. vivioo7

    LFS $10 Frag Sale - ID's please!

    i think three is green birdsnest
  19. vivioo7

    Refugium plans

    A guy who sets up aquariums as his job says having all the flow in a refugium go through the chaeto is too much flow and it wont have time to absorb the nutrients
  20. vivioo7

    Refugium plans

    Im going to turn a 40g breeder into a refugium these are my plans so far tell me what you think if it will work or if ill have any problems. The water will come in through a flat acrylic box with holes drilled in the bottom, it was on top of my sump and fits perfect over the 40. Im not sure...