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  1. burnnspy

    moving my tank HELP

    bump? umm, does that mean anything. Yes, you can do as you described. If you wrap your rock in wet news paper that would suffice also. Keep in mind you will only be able to siphon water from tank to tank until the tank levels are the same.
  2. burnnspy

    Water changes

    It still depends on the reef itself, I do not do water changes because I dont need to. Stable water conditions depend on the balance between nutrient input and nutrient consumption. I am probably in the extreme minority, but I have no fish in my reef tank. So, I do not add fish...
  3. burnnspy

    Green Acro turning Brown

    Are you running 400watt MH lighting?
  4. burnnspy

    3yr old plenum reef still running

    Hi everyone, I have a picture of my 29gal Reefugium. There are no fish in it. I only add makeup water, Marinesnow and Aragamilk to the tank. It doesnt have a skimmer and only uses powerheads and mechanical filtration. The sand bed is a plenum system and the water chemistry is constant. For...
  5. burnnspy

    xenia meltdown help???

    If you are talking about those protrusions, the Xenia is not melting. Thomas712 is right, they are trying to attach to a new location.
  6. burnnspy

    The NANO Police!

    I see there a very nice picture of a small and what appears to be new reef. I find it hard to believe that the reef is a year old, correct me if I'm wrong. For instance, in my experience, mushrooms and polyps would have taken over a well maintained nano in prolly a year. The glass, rocks and...
  7. burnnspy

    Mandiarin Fish

    I do not recommend anyone not familiar with reef care keeping a Mandarin goby. They can be very picky eaters and are not aggressive enough to be kept in a community tank. You can get lucky and find one that will eat frozen food, but that is a trial or error situation which a responsible reef...
  8. burnnspy

    Hi everyone

    I haven't been around in about a year, I will be checking out the board actively again prolly once a week as a minimum. In answer to NM Reef, I was surprised to be remembered after so long. I will be making another site when I have a chance. I will post pictures soon. I built an aquarium...
  9. burnnspy

    clams under VHO?

    The replys all sound well and good, but as Aquarist we should strive for optimum conditions for the livestock we keep. Clams should all be kept under MH because it is optimal lighting and clams need light. We could all live like people in third world countries and we would probably live and...
  10. burnnspy

    emerald crabs

    The emerald crabs were most likely eating infected/dying coral flesh. Almost any crab will perform this function. It is my opinion that a healthy reef has no problems with emerald crabs. BurnNspy
  11. burnnspy

    emerald crabs

    Originally posted by Saltydog: <strong>I have 4 emarld crabs in my tank for the sole purpose of getting rid of bubble algea. I hate that stuff. Have not had a problem with them bothering any corals. Sorry to hear about your problem, but mine have done what I had hoped. Get rid of an algea...
  12. burnnspy

    Odd colors on my DSB

    The red-orange may be red slime(cyanobacteria) an indicator of poor water quality. What are the water parameters? BurnNspy
  13. burnnspy

    Guidelines for water circulation ?

    Check out my website for tank guidelines. BurnNSpy
  14. burnnspy

    detris (sp eaters

    I recommend a Brittle star. BurnNSpy
  15. burnnspy

    Iodine & Essential Elements??

    I add kalk and aragamilk to my 2yr old reef and its perfect so far. BurnNSpy
  16. burnnspy


    Feed less and get a brittle star if you have room for it. My 29gal has 5 hermits and a brittle star and no detrius BurnNspy
  17. burnnspy

    Is my flow OK?

    I recommend circulating your tank volume 10 times per hour, using at least 3 pumping sources to create turbulent flow within the reef. I prefer 1 powerfilter(filtration removed) and 2 powerheads. BurnNSpy
  18. burnnspy


    Dont be confused, just dont go to that LFS for reef tank advice. BurnNSpy
  19. burnnspy

    Well Established Tank??

    Well established should consist of the following: 1. predictable water chemistry 2. very little maintenance is required to maintain water quality. 3. the steady growth of organisms not present when the tank was setup. 4. the presence of copepods and amphipods in abundance(depending on the fish...
  20. burnnspy

    new lights for 30 gallon- vho, pc or MH?

    My 29gal reef runs a 175watt MH bulb no problem. I prefer MH and will not have to upgrade later like most people do. BurnNSpy