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    I love being an addict!
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    Korallin 1502 Calcium reactor with American Marine pinpoint PH controller

    I have had my calcium reactor running for a week now. I recently upgrade a few parts. I bought a lid with a PH probe adapter and a PH controller. I am going to use the PH monitor to monitor the tanks PH. When I added the PH controller probe into the lid it reads that the PH inside the reactor is...
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    whats teh most expencive fish youve ever seen

    A guy I use to work with had a Asian Golden Arowana and this thing was a good 20+ inches long. Yes I know, not my fish, and 2nd it was a Asian family. The gold Arowana means fortune and power.
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    Old pillows... new uses?

    I would put it in something first then send it threw the wash first with no detergent in it.
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    New 180g stand and canopy build - DIY How To

    You are missing some tools: Your Brain Electric screw gun Finish nails or ring nails - For plywood And a swear jar What is the total cost to the customer?
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    Child safety tips?

    :) Safety first especially with little ones. Make sure you drain some water out to lighten the weight of the tank so the shims will be nice and tight. When you add the water back in it will compress the stand tight on the shims and onto the floor.
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    Child safety tips?

    Fill in any open areas to help stabalise it. All the weight is on the shims and can rock the tank. Pretty much with only a few shims you make a fulcrum and you do not want that.
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    Child safety tips?

    What I was saying is that the shims level the tank. but do you have any open areas under the stand that are open? If so fill them with wood and that will help stabalize it more.. So you have as close to 100 percent contact between the cabinet and floor with no gaps. You get what I me.
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    Child safety tips?

    There are all sorts of child proof cabinet larches out there From . If your tank is wobbly you are going to make some sort of wedges or shims to stabalize the open area under the tank to the floor. Either make small wedges and slide them or measure the total distance that needs to shimmed...
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    Help!!- Majamo infestation.

    I have an outbreak too and do the past thing too and I also have another chemical to inject into them. I am thinking about getting the Manjano want and see how that works! Do a tube search and check it out
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    Water Changes-Galloping Elephants Meet Pouncing Lions

    You should double check your math because I believe something is wrong with the formula.
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    What bulb set up should I do?

    oops It is a 75 gallon. So when I replace the bulbs I will keep the same light set up then. The ballast were getting extremly loud so I replaced both of them them with the coralvue 600's. It is a mature tank and I have been reefkeeping for a good 8 years now so I know what I am doing somewhat...
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    I need Quotes!!!

    Reflections on Ice-Breaking " candy is dandy but Liquor is quicker" Ogden Nash
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    What bulb set up should I do?

    I upgraded my 48" 54 watt T-5 ballast with two coralvue 660 ballasts. I currently have the following bulb set up. ATI Blue plus Aquablue UV Aquasun Giesemann Pure Actinic Aquablue ATO Blue Plus Is this bulb configuration still ok seeing that they are being overdriven? Or what bulbs should I use...
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    Ballast replacement nightmare

    I got it all to work. I rewired thet wo ballast and got the them to fit into the existing hood. I removed the bracket that holds the ballast in place which game me enough room to fit everything in and screwed them into the hood. The light is alot more bright. I have a contoured reflector but I...
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    Ballast replacement nightmare

    It all depends on what I want to do. I can hangthe light from a DIY canopy. I am still stuck on if I want to use the old shell light casing to hold the ballast and wiring. It should be close to the water 4 inches I believe. The farther up it is the more light I am going to lose. I have a few...
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    Ballast replacement nightmare

    I am just teying to see the best way to do it. That is what I am not sure of
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    Ballast replacement nightmare

    Yea thats what I am thinking. I am trying to figure out if I should use the old light hood to keep the 660's and wiring inside of that . Then have the 6 end caps mounted on a board across the old light hood. With 6 lights it is wider than the light hood. Then what to do for a lens cover for the...
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    Ballast replacement nightmare

    Ok I have (had) a nova extreme pro lighting, 48" 6 t5 bulb 54W lighting, that blew a ballast. I decided to replace all three ballast and get two coralvue 660 ballast to overdrive the lights. While dismantling the lights I broke off the little clips that hold the endcaps into the metal bracket in...