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  1. aaron1983


    Hello everyone, Well I started with oceanic which I found to be good. Then I used instant ocean which I found was just as good as oceanic. I used red sea salt also bu found that it dosent disole as good. I guess thats why its cheaper. Anyways I found a happy medium with instant ocean. As good as...
  2. aaron1983

    Clownfish not eating and swimming funny!

    Ill tell you one thing! Everyone says clowns are so easy to care for I dont know where that comes from. Ive had bad luck with them with everyone I ever bought. I have better luck with tangs, royal gramma's, gobies. All i know is clowns arnt as hardy as they are made out to be.
  3. aaron1983

    Cleaner shrimp

    Its dead im sure of that. Could be something attacked it I guess.
  4. aaron1983

    Cleaner shrimp

    Hello, Last night my cleaner shrimp spawned. Thismorning when I turned the lights on it was dead. My question is could it have died from giving birth?
  5. aaron1983

    Clownfish not eating and swimming funny!

    It died! Ive had this happen alot to percula clowns. Im starting to think clowns are very much harder to keep than most other fish.
  6. aaron1983

    Clownfish not eating and swimming funny!

    I have a pair of clownfish I just bought from on tuesday. Anyways the one is doing fine but the other one swims with his head up ALL THE TIME! I know this isnt normal ive had alot of fish and this just isnt right. He wont eat either. 100 gallon tank nitrate 20 nitrite 0 ammonia...
  7. aaron1983

    acceptable stock list for a 55 gal

    I think your tank is pretty much full now. Your tang should be fine could be in a bigger tank but it should be fine. While most people say tangs need huge tanks I say its a bit exagerated. And if any tang could do well in a tank that size its a kole. They dont need as big of tank as other...
  8. aaron1983

    debate regarding tank size vs. fish

    Ok look here is how I feel about this stuff. If the person wants to do something let them do it. You can guide them in making the right choice but I read alot of threads on here and the people giving the advise ends up turning into an order. Thats just not cool. Myself I would never buy a fish...
  9. aaron1983

    Post your tank pictures!

    Hello everyone, I check out alot of threads on here daily! I see alot of tanks but I wanna see more! Post your tank pictures all you can post!
  10. aaron1983


    You have plenty of tang choice and I would keep your idea of putting tangs in your 125 just not those species. I have a 125 also and tangs are my favorites. Ill tell you what I have and you can decide. I have a hippo and a yellow tang. Both beautiful inexpensive and can handle a 125 easier than...
  11. aaron1983

    Available for immediate adoption! Clean me out!

    Hello, If you still have the 54 gallon ill take it if you will ship it. Let me know if its not taken already. If not let me know the shipping and ill send money out the same day for the shipping Im willing to make a donation also of corse. E-mail is
  12. aaron1983

    Is my bioload to large for my tank?

    Your fish are just fine in that tank! Ive had the same feedback about this sort of thing. Some people just want water in a tank with no fish I guess lol. You can add 2-3 other fish I would say. Royal gramma's are nice and cardinalfish. :)
  13. aaron1983

    Yellow tang sores!

    Im pretty sure im gonna loose him im just trying to figure out what is going on so I can prevent it from happening again. And also the levels are all good in the big tank and its 100 gallons and none of the other fish bothered him if that helps.
  14. aaron1983

    Yellow tang sores!

    Well ill try to describe these sores! I never seen anything like thses before! They are on his upper back and like I said peach in color. pretty much the whole upper back. Could it possibly be that his slime is gone for some reason? Im at a complete and total loss at what is going on with him.
  15. aaron1983

    Suitable Tang for 30 gal?

    lionfish12, You just started talking and I can see already your a ***** aquarist! And yes VERY ANNOYING!
  16. aaron1983

    Suitable Tang for 30 gal?

    Liontamer, Thanks for the support! :)
  17. aaron1983

    Suitable Tang for 30 gal?

    Ok first off I dident say go out and buy a tang! I just said you might be able to get by with a kole or yellow. (notice the MIGHT) I also said they perfer a larger tank if you even read past the it might work part. So dont start attacking me for what I said because thats uncalled for. This is...
  18. aaron1983

    Yellow tang sores!

    Hellow, My yellow tang has gotten sores all over his body over the past few weeks! He went from the pretty yellow to a dull yellow with a peach tint. Anyway he is the only one bothered by whatever it is bothering him. He now has pink sores on both sides of his body and just lays at the bottom of...
  19. aaron1983

    Suitable Tang for 30 gal?

    You might be able to get by with a kole or yellow tang. I wouldent try any of the others though because they get to big. Its perfered to have a 55 gallon or larger but with extra care it could work.