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  1. shaun larlee

    40 gallon breeder with custom sump/refuge

    Looking for some lighting opinions. I would really like to go suspended MH with an open top. Does anyone know a good place to purchase these at a good price? Any opinions welcome as im just trying to creat this tank with patience. :)
  2. shaun larlee

    Shaun and his 40g custom reef build!

    UPDATE*** So the stand is now complete. ( Ill post pictures when I get a second ) I went and ordered my 40 gallon breeder this weekend. It will be drilled and ready by wednesday. Also my sump/Refuge will be complete by Thursday. Im getting excited to get back into things. My only question is I...
  3. shaun larlee

    Shaun and his 40g custom reef build!

    Do you guys run QTs? If so is there an wasy way? Im realling thinking this BioCube may be a good thing....
  4. shaun larlee

    Cycling and water changes

    Im starting a new build soon....nice read...i will be soft cycling now....
  5. shaun larlee

    Mandaran advise

    Originally Posted by Kacey ORA has started breeding Mandarins and will have them available for commercial purchase by the summer. I suspect, being grazers, they'll still do best with copepods to nibble on between meals, but ORA has said that they've been able to train their babies onto frozen...
  6. shaun larlee

    Mandaran advise

    I'm in the design phase, I'm hoping with input it will be designed right. My LFS said the same thing, big fuge and time will make it possible eventually. He has several mandaran so I think he is right. My DT will be reef so there will be a lot of LR. Also LR and sand bed in the sump.
  7. shaun larlee

    Mandaran advise

    I'm designing a custom 40g now. My LFS guru said he can design a custom sump/refuge to eventually support a mandaran. Thoughts?
  8. shaun larlee

    Shaun and his 40g custom reef build!

    Jaxgirl tour thread got me back into. I'm gonna build my stand Friday. If I can find some plans. Lol. Yours turned out great!
  9. shaun larlee

    Shaun and his 40g custom reef build!

    I saw 29g biocube today for 250. I'm wondering if that would be a good QT?
  10. shaun larlee

    Which ACAN.....

    my LFS always has tons of acans, you will love the reds....they stand out...
  11. shaun larlee

    Shaun and his 40g custom reef build!

    First let me thank meowzer for teaching me how to fix my settings and post threads. OK, I had a 55 gallon reef that i lost to a power outage last year. Ive been licking my wounds ever since and now have decided to restart my tank in a new system. Im having a custom 40 gallon made, drilled, and...
  12. shaun larlee

    Upgrade suggestions / things that need fixing

    Im excited to know the answer...but i cant figure it
  13. shaun larlee

    Upgrade suggestions / things that need fixing

    Why cant i start a new thread? Im starting a new build and need some help....anybody know why?
  14. shaun larlee

    My 1st 'Nano' Tank: 28G JBJ CF-QUAD Diary

    Im really thinking about getting one of these. I have heard some people who think the glass tops will trap to much heat with the MH assembly. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Im hoping to turn it into a 29g reef paradise...:)
  15. shaun larlee

    Have you ever...

    I have a Nova extreme pro, a 6 bulb fixture. Has anyone tried running 4 actinics ans 2 10k bulbs? just curious if different ways work better....or maybe all three actinics front and 10k in back....i dunno just curious
  16. shaun larlee

    Zoa Fragger Thing, The FINAL Debate!

    AM I LATE!!!!! Im here.....whats the word ladies and gents
  17. shaun larlee

    the thermos blind trade

    put me in please
  18. shaun larlee

    If you can answer this ill....

    My trace elements are 2 part....should i just dose calcium????????
  19. shaun larlee

    Noob in need of Advice!

    Just my opinion but i would look at corals. I started wanting as many fish as i could get. I now have 4 fish and about 15 corals, im only 6 months in. Things ive learned in 6 months... 1.) Crushed Coral is bad.....Live sand is good. 2.) GET A GOOD PROTEIN SKIMMER!!!! 3.) always use RO water NOT...
  20. shaun larlee

    Price Reduced, Lets make a Deal?!?!?

    acan frag to 40047