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  1. benter

    Finally got the go ahead from my wife...

    Here are some little giant specs and you can see that even using the little giants you are probably going to need the 5.5-mdq-sc and I would even increase the discharge pipe size to 1" instead of 3/4" to decrease the back pressure a little... Model 5.5 does not include electrical...
  2. benter

    Finally got the go ahead from my wife...

    iI just looked at the specs on a md 18 and its shutoff head is 16.4 ft. So at 15' even with the md 18 you might be moving 175 gph at the most...
  3. benter

    Finally got the go ahead from my wife...

    I was going to say you are going to have to take friction losses and the tdh that your pump is seeing, (total dynamic head), not trying to get technical but i do make my living by selling and servicing pumps for municipalities for the last 30 years. If you can send me some info on pipe size, and...
  4. benter

    Finally got the go ahead from my wife...

    Only thing I could think of to warn you about and you may have already taken into consideration is the head on the pumps and sizing them properly...15' of lift on an aquarium pump is getting up there especially if you are using small diameter pipe...
  5. benter

    whats the #1

    I know this post is quite old...But just a precaution for someone not paying attention to what they buy....This guy cost me all my black and white leopard wrasse, that I have had for two years by the way! Just be careful what you buy before you impulse buy a "BEAUTIFUL"...
  6. benter

    black and white ocelarris?

    thanks for all the help is appreciated!
  7. benter

    black and white ocelarris?

    Is this for sure an do you tell the difference in an ocelaris and a percula?
  8. benter

    black and white ocelarris?

    No, I apologize.....out of the original pair, the pseudocromis killed one of them. So I had the pseudocromis in one tank and the clown and other friendlys in another tank. Now that the pseudo has died I combined both and would like to try and get some clowns to mate. So the Black and White I...
  9. benter

    black and white ocelarris?

    I had a "pair" of black and white ocellaris clownfish until I got a superquadrimeanieassus pseudocromis that killed one of them before I could get him out!!! He has passed 3 years later and I have combined my two smaller tanks into 1. The original black and white ocellaris is still kicking and I...
  10. benter

    protein skimmer question

    Has anyone tried out this cheap little skimmer I saw on [hr] .....ProPack S Protein Skimmer ....Just looking for a cheap substitute for my jebo that finally crapped out after 4 years...I know what most of you think about the jebo products but it really worked good after some simple mods I had...
  11. benter

    Metal Halide trouble

    Mine only has one...wish it had two too help troubleshoot it! I suspected it was the seems like they are always guilty in single phase motor control panels...Thanks
  12. benter

    Metal Halide trouble

    Any of you guys ever try to troubleshoot a metal Halide de ballast? I am an electrical controls tech. , but have never messed with a halide ballast! I am blowing my fuse...There is an igniter, a capacitor and a transformer. Is there one component I should suspect primarily? Anyone know what some...
  13. benter

    elegance coral!

    Check out my is amazing how something so small at night can come out as big as it does during the day! My black and white has been hosting it for months now, and can give you a little something to compare the change too! Keep in mind that the first one is not too long after lights...
  14. benter

    What would eat clams?

    I agree with snails..look really good, they are very tiny and white..
  15. benter

    boxing crab entry..

    Caught the little guy stealing silversids from my brain coral!Hope this works it was from an old post of mine and the pic is on my old computer..
  16. benter

    Peppermint shrimp and Corals

    If you have any yello polyps..they are least mine were. Huge colony overnight ATE!!
  17. benter

    ID Check Please

    If you "starve" the tank for a day or possibly 2 then do the bottle trick with a piece of shrimp...should go in it...Definitely get him out! You will not have any shrimp left before much longer!!
  18. benter

    Can I Add Live rock??? Pics

    you can cure it without light separately to be safe..But I prefer to use a light if you have one , just in case you happen to get a light needing hitchhiker on your new rock...but definitely make sure it is cured before you put it in your DT...
  19. benter

    Hairy something?

    that looks like some type of red chaeto, or some type of macroalgae..I would let it be . looks pretty cool to me
  20. benter

    why are leopards wrasses expert only?

    they are very hard to get acclimated properly and to get to start eating.. I had one that was awesome for 1.5 years and a heater incident took him out! I have tried 2 since and have had no luck at all so I give up on them.