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  1. kittykitty

    Mitsubishi cars reliable?

    Too bad hyundais are crap. If you want a good quality car, get an IMPORT, minus the korean makes. And their 10 year, ten thousand mile warranty is complete BULLCRAP.
  2. kittykitty

    well, he went and did it...

    Polar, they are BEAUTIFUL. I'm happy for you. I've always wanted a GTP. Just out of curiosity, how much did the pair cost you?
  3. kittykitty

    Mitsubishi cars reliable?

    HAHA!! okay lets stop the hate people. man this board has gotten volatie in the past few days. anyone else notice it?
  4. kittykitty

    Mitsubishi cars reliable?

    The sportier the car, the more the insurance. The OZ will probably cost you more than the regular model as far as insurance goes.
  5. kittykitty

    Pizza and a Movie

    ill watch anything with johnny depp.
  6. kittykitty

    do u have them

    you guys are goofy
  7. kittykitty

    A nice Clown story...

    Aw, I'm happy for you. Makes me want a clown pair even more now. They're the cutest damned things ever.
  8. kittykitty

    Starting To Cycle and I have questions

    Because first of all, it's kinda mean to put fish in to cycle your tank. The levels of ammonia/nitrates/nitrites will stress them out. Second, damsels are little [hr] , and you're more than likely gonna want them OUTTA there when you start seeing all of the pretty peaceful fish that you could...
  9. kittykitty

    anybody been to Tybee Island?

    nope. I've been to almost every state in the US, including hawaii, excluding alaska, and i've been to canada (when i was like 3). so this will be the first time that i've been out of the country.
  10. kittykitty

    How to feed fish seaweed select

    my porcupine puffer just bit me this morning. he was going crazy like he usually does when i feed him, and after he ate, i was putting the seaweed in the clip for the tangs, and he tried to take a nice little chunk out of my arm. I have a little circular red mark on my arm now in the shape of...
  11. kittykitty

    anybody been to Tybee Island?

    psh. go to roatan instead. :)
  12. kittykitty

    royal gramma not acclimating well?

    well? did he die?
  13. kittykitty


    what the holy crap is roflolpimp what the hell could that possibly stand for??
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    used to play the guitar a few years back, then got lazy.
  15. kittykitty

    HOW does everyone feed their aggresive tank?

    i usually feed anemones krill
  16. kittykitty

    now that the monster is gone

    Did you cook him up and eat him cindy?
  17. kittykitty

    HOW does everyone feed their aggresive tank?

    Not to mention, feeders very often carry diseases.
  18. kittykitty

    HOW does everyone feed their aggresive tank?

    Originally posted by tangguy feed him live foods. They like to hunt their food. You will find that they will eat better when live food is added to tank. Try rosie reds or ghost shrimp You should not feed rosies and ghost shrimp as a staple diet to ANY saltwater fish. There is no nutrition in...
  19. kittykitty

    256 color mode ?

  20. kittykitty

    256 color mode ?

    Right click on your desktop, click properties, click settings, then click on color quality and select 256 colors. :)