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  1. sparry67

    Green Hair Algae!

    I just bought a 55 gallon salt-tank which I donated in my Fathers name to a counseling center for kids. It has a THICK layer of green hair algae covering all the live rock. Can I take out the live rock and scrub it off? Or how can I start fresh with this tank? I have upgraded the lighting and...
  2. sparry67

    Can I add a blue hippo tang? and how to go about it

    I have a 75 gallon that has been up and going for a good year and 1/2, all is well! The only thing that is off is my PH is at 8, How do I raise it? The fish I have is: Flame Angel Yellow Tang 2 percula clowns yellow watchman goby banzai cardinal blue damsel I have numerous crabs and shrimps...
  3. sparry67

    How many fish in 75 gallon?

    Do the tangs and flame angel get along? I have a 75 gallon with flame angel yellow tang yellow goby 2 false clowns bonzai cardinal blue damsel I was wanting to complete my tank with a blue hippo tang, would this work?
  4. sparry67

    quarantine tank

    I set up a 30 gallon qt tank like a month ago, I used water from my display tank which is perfect numbers, added small piece of live rock and a cup of live sand from dt but my ammonia is still through the roof! What more do I have to do? I have a small hang on filter which I put foam pad from...
  5. sparry67

    Bubble Tip Anemone

    YEP here he is bursting out both holes!!! Fed him some scallop and he's very happy!!! NOW I will leave him ALONE!!! Thanks!
  6. sparry67

    Bubble Tip Anemone

    OK gotcha!! I feel bad now! Should I try and target feed him some clams or something? THANKS FOR HELPING ME OUT!!!
  7. sparry67

    Bubble Tip Anemone

    But he s just "footed" in this stupid ornament! I kept moving him in the beginning (being selfish as I wanted to see him and feed him!) and he ept movng, even changed my powerhead flow? Guess he's sick of me? He's like tucked way up under this castle thing?
  8. sparry67

    Bubble Tip Anemone

    7 months and duh I meant t-5 lighting that snake told me THANK- GOODNESS they rock!!!
  9. sparry67

    Bubble Tip Anemone

    My bt placed himself up underneath an ornamental castle where there is no light and worst of all I CAN'T admire him!!!! How can I get him to move Just where do they normally like to be? Also is it ok to offer my coral-banded fish a treat of clams or fish? How many times a day is good to feed...
  10. sparry67

    brown worm?

    I have some kind of brown worm on my rock is this good or bad?
  11. sparry67

    new corals

    Do I coral dip a Red Gulf Sea Fan and chili coral when I receive them? thanks!
  12. sparry67

    How to keep a QT tank up and running?

    K I am doing everything by the book to do this right! I have just spent 2 hours looking for my answer, so I will count on you guys to give me a straght up answer! ALOT OF MUMBO JUMBO out there that just makes you want to GIVE up!! Simple question HOW DO I KEEP MY QT TANK CYCLED AS I'M STOCKING...
  13. sparry67

    coral dip for new feather duster?

    K down to 1 hour before they arrive! So do I dip my zoo's with the mushroom? WOW sometimes I wonder WHY I stress so much over fish/ But then at night I watch them and OH soooo peaceful! It will all pay off RIGHT!!!! giggle giggle! ANY MORE ADVICE on the mandarin before he comes??? QT or not? I...
  14. sparry67

    coral dip for new feather duster?

    I am getting some zoos,blue mushroom and a feather duster tommorrow, should I coral dip all 3? Also is it true that you don't have to QT a mandarin fish? Thanks!
  15. sparry67

    Bubble Tip Anemone

    Do I need to quarentine a bt anenome or dip it in something? I have my QT set at 1.019 to get ready for my new fish (I am going to hyposalinity down to 9 RIGHT?) So was worried that an anenome would not tolerate this? Also to I quarentine my shrimps and crabs and snails that I have coming? Not...
  16. sparry67


    Thanks for your help! What is your opinion on bringing the QT tank down to 1.016 salinity for the 1st 2 weeks? Also will a long nosed butterfly be ok in a 30 gallon QT tank? Thanks again!
  17. sparry67


    Thanks sooo much for the reply! Here i've been studying for soo long and so hard and just want to BAIL sometimes! I just now realized I ordered a bi-color angel (for qt of course) but DUH I already have a flameangel in my display tank? WTHell how is ths gonna work? I could sell the new angel I...
  18. sparry67


    I have been reading this forum for MONTHS now and ready to dive in! (ALOT of patience YES!) I have my quarantine tank (30 gallon) set up and PERFECT #'s now! I ordered i watchmen shrimp goby, and 1 bicolor angel and misc crabs and shrimp also 1 Ricordea Blue 1 Polypblue and 10 zooanthoids. My...
  19. sparry67

    29 gallon quarentine tank

    How many fish can I put in my quarentine tank as I ive in the boondocks and hard for me to get fish. I was thinking 2 clowns and 1 yello tang? I have a 75 gallon display tank! Also do I have to quarentine crabs and lobsters and shrimp? THANKS!!!
  20. sparry67

    Adding live rock to established tank

    I have a cycled 75 gallon tank with 5 crabs, 1 damsel and 3 chromes but made the mistake of only starting with 12 lbs of live rock and 30 base rock! I now want to add more rock. I live 2 hours from a pet store. Am i better off traveling to the pet store and bringing some home in buckets of...