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    spaghetti worm
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    True....I get one of my neighbors, he is really smart, and he loves watching the tank and he doesn't overfeed so he is my automatic feeder. Under one condition I get him something while on my trip......well worth it.
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    Why would you want an autofeeder, that is the second best part about having a tank. The first part is just watching it grow and stuff.
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    Lawnmower Blenny is Starving

    That is very interesting what you said JustinX and it makes perfect sense. They just need their natural food. So what is the best way to capture one of these cool dudes?
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    Lawnmower Blenny is Starving

    I have had this guy about a month now. He is really thin now. he won't eat hair algae, algae waffers, or algae mats. Can you guys hlep me please I don't want to lose him.
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    first birthday - pics of my 1 year old reef tank!

    What tank size do you have?
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    Another Clown

    I have a purple firesfish, small chromis, six line wrasse, and a lawnmower blenny, and of course a clownfish. I would like the clown to have a "buddy" the buddy I bought for him when I got him was defecective or he had something wrong with his gills. It was werid. Well could I get another?
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    What is your dream tank?

    You guys are going to laugh at me. My dream tank is a 65 reef, with a 90 gallon refugium. The bugs and stuff in the tanks are the coolest thing about tanks not the actual fish.
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    Lettuc Nudibranch

    my calcium is over 500, i know this becuase the test I used only went to 500. I just changed my lighting to 10K and 03 actnic. I think the old lights caused my hair algae to grow. Since I changed them will the algae go away?
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    Lettuc Nudibranch

    I have a ton of hair algae that a lawnmower blenny and 3 turbo snials won't even touch. My level of nitrates are at 0 and I have a fuge so I don't know why this stuff is still growing. Do you guys think this would be a good idea to get him?
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    Sun Coral

    I think these things look really cool. What are your guys' experineces with these. What do you know about them? Thanks.
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    Emerald Just died

    I wasn't paying any attention and after like 5 minutes i saw him laying on his back on the sand in the front of the tank. I saw him a half hour earlier, do you think he died or it was just a molt?
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    Help to make tank more appealing

    Gorgonians are nice too Are they hard to keep alive/ care for?
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    Help to make tank more appealing

    Do you think that I should add more rock at the top to give it more height?
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    Help to make tank more appealing

    I want my tank to look more appealing what do you guys recommend I do or add to it, I am going to get a galaxia frag soon. But what else should I get?
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    Emperor Red Snapper

    Anyone have one of these guys? Are they mean? I saw a little on in the lfs like 1.5" and think that I might get one in my 90 soon.
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    Goby, blenny safe with Lookdown Jack?

    do you have a lookdown or are you just planning ahead. If so do you have any pictures/desctiption of him/them?
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    LFS in Chicago

    I actually just used the Nature's Ocean it was good stuff but no critters but my lr from the some of the lfs seeded it with critters.
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    NOVICE you could also get a pair of lookdown jacks. IMO they would look really neat. A lfs by me had a pair of those that were light 8 in. diameter in a shark tank and they added really nice movemnt. The silver on them is really cool.
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    LFS in Chicago

    No Problem glad I could help you. Beyond the Reef is good but there LR is expensive.