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  1. toddpolish

    6 pack

    your star polyps are gonna overtake your tank
  2. toddpolish

    200 4 months out

    or Excited
  3. toddpolish

    Copperband Butterfly

    The Copperband will only pick at clams, aiptasias and feather dusters. I wouldn't worry about anything else. If a turbo snail is turned over, it may give it one peck, but just to taste, it won't eat the snail.
  4. toddpolish

    My first frag!!!!!

    I would put this piece in an area that has good flow (medium to high flow) and separated from your main rockwork. Mine grew on one main rock that I have zoos on them and the gps is quickly taking over. It's a very cool looking coral (especially under actinics only), but will spread and kill...
  5. toddpolish

    The Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu

    I'm going to Hawaii next month and stopping in OAHU and Maui. Which island has the better aquarium???
  6. toddpolish

    Our First Tank

    what size?
  7. toddpolish

    Who One the Pic Contest

  8. toddpolish

    New Aquascaping And Additions *pics*

    really like the way you aquascaped it. looks very cool
  9. toddpolish

    brown muck on sand

    could try a fighting conch to help with the sand bed
  10. toddpolish

    My first 6 pack (hiccup)

    with that hawkfish I don't think you're gonna have the shrimp for very long.
  11. toddpolish

    my little fishies

    Nice eel. what kind is it?
  12. toddpolish

    my new psycodelic!

    great blennie!!!!!!!!
  13. toddpolish

    new additions

    sweet clam!
  14. toddpolish

    Pic's of my new 1 gallon Nano

    are those some zoos in the front that aren't opened up? what color are they?
  15. toddpolish

    1200 gallon tank Venting, Humidity?

    hope it's ok to post this, but here goes... a guy with a 1700g shark tank. he writes for another site. check out the messages section.
  16. toddpolish

    Macro Six Pack

    awesome, what camera u using?
  17. toddpolish

    Pic's of my new 1 gallon Nano

    look into getting an eviota goby for that tank. they are like 1/2"-1" and are pretty cool. I'd put the clown in your 125.
  18. toddpolish

    Pic's of my new 1 gallon Nano

    I think they mean you are gonna get flamed (or yelled at) for keeping a clownfish in a tank that small. it does kinda look like prison.
  19. toddpolish

    not so sure wat this is

    what's with the wat?
  20. toddpolish

    enough rock?

    I'd say it's enough, but it's a personal preference if you wanted more. looks good.