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  1. flydan

    happy birthday to me!!!

    Hey, Happy birthday, and congrats. Your DT can be your mistress.:D Dan'l
  2. flydan

    Fish Additions

    Hey, Snails don't really "count" toward your bioload, but the three fish all at once would. You could take them out of QT about a week apart. (That is if you're a good boy and QT your new livestock.:D ) The two firefish would be OK to add together at one time. The Tang police will say your tank...
  3. flydan

    Im going through hell

    Hey, I get a little sarcastic from time to time. Sorry. We all tend to think that our problems are the worst. Good luck with your test. Dan'l
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    Up and running!!!

    Hey, Ooops. Just noticed there was a question hidden in there. That's what happens when I skim through threads so fast. Anyway, you basically did a HUGE water change and I would let things settle down for a couple weeks. Patients is always the key! Your pH is probably not stable and IMO that is...
  5. flydan

    Up and running!!!

    Hey, Very cool. When are you moving everything from the 55gal to the 125gal? :D Dan'l
  6. flydan

    Im going through hell

    Hmmmm... Sitting in front of a computer eating pizza and drinking beer. Yup, that's hell alright. :joy: Dan'l:joy:
  7. flydan

    Im going through hell

    Hey, That's your definition of "hell"? Geesh. Wish that was my biggest problem. Dan'l
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    PH levels

    Hey, Your make-up water that you're adding back into the tank needs to be airated real well before going into the dt. I know this helps from lowering your pH but I'm not sure if it actually raises it. HTH, Dan'l
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    Hey, I think it would become a snack, but size may be a factor, both of the fish and the urchin. Just my .02 Dan'l
  10. flydan

    decor for saltwater

    Hey, I agree that lava rock is a bad idea since it may contain metals and minerals that are harmful to a sw tank. For "base rock" it best to use lace rock or tufa rock. You can build up a reef with that and then put a few nice pieces of lr on top of that. The lr will seed the base rock and it...
  11. flydan

    Looking for suggestions

    Hey, The rapid algae growth is due to your tank cycling. Did you do any research into starting a saltwater tank before you started? (Talking to a pet store owner doesn't count since they just want to sell you stuff.) It sounds like you may have set yourself up for some heart ache and...
  12. flydan

    Reef Lighting

    Hey, Anemones need bright lighting. I've never tried to keep them and I've got JBJ power compacts. (4X65 watt) so they are the same wattage as the ones you are looking at. You might be able to get away with it but I'd rather not risk killing an anemone. Maybe someone who has successfully kept...
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    Never ending story...

    shark with no
  14. flydan

    seeking chemistry majors or a tank Guru

    Hey, In an earlier thread someone mentioned sandblasting sand from a hardware store or building supply store. It was pure white but I don't know the final verdict on what's actually in it. The person who posted said they had success with it when they couldn't find Southdown Playsand in their...
  15. flydan

    not eating!

    Hey, It is common for stressed out fish not to eat for a couple of days. You might want to check were you got the fish to see what they were eating. Not all fish will go after flake food. Might want to try frozen. HTH, Dan'l
  16. flydan

    Copper treatment harmful?

    Hey, I've seen that done before at my lfs. I would recommend two things if buying a fish from a tank that's being treated with copper. First, when acclimating your fish make sure none of the water from the lfs gets in your tank, and second, as always, use a QT tank before adding fish to your DT...
  17. flydan

    Kid put soap in my reef tank!!!!

    Hey, Glad to hear things are on the mend. Just for a little perspective if you don't mind. At least your kid didn't find a bottle of sleeping [hr] or a loaded gun. I know that's not much help but I thought I'd mention it anyway.:) Dan'l
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    which one?

    Hey, I would go with the RO water. Just my .02 Dan'l
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    What is going on? This isn't good is it?

    Hey, If you didn't know, I believe the "precipitation event" that Bang was refering to is when your calcium reverts to a solid form and you get a blizzard effect in your tank. (Usually when you add a buffering agent.) HTH, Dan'l
  20. flydan

    Kid put soap in my reef tank!!!!

    Hey, I am really sorry for your loss. That must have been a nightmare. I hope things get better real soon. Dan'l BTW, when someone "bumps" your message it puts it back to the top of the screen so it gets more attention.