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  1. dedwards

    Diamond Goby Removal

    how fine is your sand? I have a diamond goby as well and he hardly ever casues a sand storm. He does spit sand all over the place and creates dunes but I have come to realize that I can either live with it or knock down his dunes, which happens about once/ It really pisses him off...
  2. dedwards

    Big Fish Oder + New Tank

    Be sure to get plenty of empty shells, 20-30 shells, for the Hermits to grow into. These guys can grow quite fast. I have had mine since Nov and they are already in Turbo snail sized shells. And if they don't have shells to grow into they may kill off your snails for their shells. The CC...
  3. dedwards

    Should I challenge my cycle?

    Looks like your cycle is underway because your nitrites are at 4+. More than likely you simply missed the ammonia spike when it occured. Sometimes they are quick and other times they take a few days to go down. It all depends on how fast the bacteria is growing. I wouldn't worry much about...
  4. dedwards

    when to test

    Search the forums for "cycle" and you will learn a lot about it. Basically your tank needs to go through a cycle that starts with ammonia. Dead matter (cocktail shrimp from grocery store, fish food...etc) will start the cycle. When this dead matter decomposes it creates ammonia. Ammonia will...
  5. dedwards

    White tubes on rock

    CurrentUSA makes a great setup for 20 & 29 gallon tanks. http://www.***********.com/ The link will probably be deleted but what the hay. You will probably need the 36" dual 65w setup. I have the 30" dual 65w on my 20 and it works great.
  6. dedwards

    Odd behavior, is this fish high?

    Mine does that to the glass sides. I think that he is trying to pick off some pods for food. I feed him pretty good everyday so i really don't know why he would be hungry. My goby does this as well...
  7. dedwards

    Should I use Head and Sholders?

    sounds more like pods...signs of a good tank. Do these white specs move?
  8. dedwards

    Absolutely white empty shell, and white stuff on rock...

    All of my live rock went through this phase. Mine have colored up quite nicely with proper lighting. I moved a piece a few weeks ago and the underside is now visible and looked a lot like your pic. I'm going with bleached coraline.
  9. dedwards

    Can a Hydrometer go bad?

    Also be sure to top off with freshwater...water evaporates and leaves salt behind
  10. dedwards

    Plate corals

    BTW...just to let you know, those pics are of my tongue coral. The long tentacle plate has completely dissolved in my QT. It left a nice skeleton in it's place. Bang...I think you might be right about the slime foot. I syphoned some of it off last night and it looks more like a slime foot...
  11. dedwards

    Plate corals

    I am planning on syphoning the brown junk tonight and changing the carbon in my filter. I have never seen any hitchhikers in the tank after dark that I haven't already identified. I have seen snails go close to the tongue coral but they get stung by the tentacles and quickly retreat so I don't...
  12. dedwards

    Plate corals

    Another pic
  13. dedwards

    Plate corals

    I had a Long Tenacle Plate Coral that I bought about 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago I noticed some brown grainy stuff on it. I figured it was some left over food or something that it was expelling and never thought twice. Friday I noticed the LTP not expanding like it normally does and looked...
  14. dedwards

    Recarpeting the house - HELP!!

    i say breakdown. Going to be next to impossible to move a tank that big without a breakdown or a fork-truck
  15. dedwards

    Don't know where to put this... so this'll have to do.

    Originally posted by BigSteve Why stop at a bachelors? Money
  16. dedwards

    sand depth

    Sand depth is a personal preference. Some people like more, some less.
  17. dedwards

    I'm sure this has been asked

    If these were your only 2 fish then i believe that it is 4 weeks. Otherwise you need to remove the other fish into QT and treat them. Then let your display sit fish free to 4 weeks (or the correct amount of time if I am wrong)
  18. dedwards

    PH fell from 8.2 to 7.8 in 2 days...?

    Testing pH during the cycle is a waste of test supplies. The pH will fall during the conversions and will usually restablize itself once the cycle is complete.
  19. dedwards

    Photo editing...

    Bump..curious as to what NM thinks of the edits
  20. dedwards

    New to plz

    You will be limited on the amount of fish that you add. Be sure to spec their adult size and not how big they are when you purchase them. Try to keep to the rule of 1" of fish per 5 gallons of water. Remember your LFS will try and sell you anything and they don't always give the best advice.