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  1. dakota

    ok, so what's the lifespan of certain fish?

    clowns in captivity 20-25 years neon gobies - no longer than two years.
  2. dakota

    What meats do you prefer?

    Filet mignon Broiled pork Steaks
  3. dakota

    RIP Grampa

    I'm so sorry, Mark! You and your family are in my prayers.
  4. dakota

    Phishing - How good are you at not being scammed

    Oh the horror of my score, could of been scammed twice.:mad: You got 8 out of 10 correct, or 80 %
  5. dakota

    Confession to make...

    I've had several. caught in traps.:eek:
  6. dakota

    New aquascaping...rate

    You've got some really good looking pieces in there. If it were me, I would take some of the rock out and make more room for fish and corals.
  7. dakota

    Neatest thing...

    Originally posted by lovethesea I would look forward to that almost as much as I look forward to my cute UPS guy with tight tan legs. :eek: :D
  8. dakota

    What fish are the most popularist?

    clownfish, gobies and blenny's
  9. dakota

    What's your favorite line from a movie?

    - Get busy livin or get busy dying. - 40 years I been asking permission to piss. I can't squeeze a drop without say so. - Sometimes I have to remind myself. some birds weren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. - Remember, hope, is a good thing. No good thing ever dies.
  10. dakota

    Man On Fire

    I'm anxious to watch this movie and I feel the same as nflnutswif. Denzel is a fantastic actor. I have never seen him in a crap movie.
  11. dakota

    Favorite song?

    I can't pick just one favorite. All these albums are kicking; Creed 3 Doors Down ZZ Top Red Hot Chili Peppers Blink 182 Reliant K Linkin Park Chevelle The Doors Good Charlotte Hoobastank Kid Rock Stone Temple Pilots Eagles Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin AC/DC Outkast Dire Straights Jethro Tull The...
  12. dakota

    links please

    Links are the anti-Christ on this website. Do a search on marine aquatics, reef, etc. Those may lead you to some informative sites.
  13. dakota

    #er of fish for a 20g

    Two ocellaris clowns, or 2 true percs and a royal gramma. Or two firefish and a couple clown gobies.
  14. dakota

    dsb or ssb wich is bettter

    Steve says he has a few snails but cleaning it is much more easy with a bb. He doesn't need to buy all the critters and detrivour(sp?) kits. Check out his beautiful tank.
  15. dakota

    dsb or ssb wich is bettter

    Originally posted by sw65galma Just throwing in my 2 Cents. We are making a close as we can replication to the Ocean. And last time I checked the Ocean isn't a SSB. Granted it has a lot more water. And the ocean doesn't have man made skimmers, hang on back filters, open loops, Closed loops or...
  16. dakota

    dsb or ssb wich is bettter

    Look into starboard to cover the bottom in case of rock slides. It won't trap a lot of detritus. More expensive but looks great without all the problems.
  17. dakota

    dsb or ssb wich is bettter

    I'll be pulling my dsb out in a couple of months. It's more hassle that it's worth. Squid -- That's a fantastic looking tank. I've seen many bb and they don't look unnatural at all, especially when mushrooms, green star polyps, etc. start spreading to form a mat.
  18. dakota

    Stool to be proud of?

    I have to admit the title made me cringe.:D read up on a member by the name of 'slowest is fastest'. he gives great advice on fragging.
  19. dakota

    Here comes Jeanne

    My prayers go out to all Floridians. You folks have endured so much in the last couple months.
  20. dakota

    Baby On The Way!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to you and your wife.:jumping: