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    equipment classified ?

    not about buying and sell but also about helping other in the hobby who might not be able to afford a skimmer,light, or ro unit as well as help those who had extra stuff that wanted to get rid of it. I personally came here because the classified ads were always hopping. with the auctions the...
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    equipment classified ?

    i wonder if the traffic has fallen off since the change. seriously the classifieds brought me to the site nearly everyday.
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    equipment classified ?

    bring back the classified, the auctions arent getting the same response
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    i think the better thing to do was to do both the aution and the live selling. i think the auction killed this board.
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    Question 210 Starphire Ohio

    pics say more than words too. best of luck in your sale.
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    maxi jet 1200's only 8.00 bucks

    how many do you have left if any? and shipping to post code 15202
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    what is this & how do i rid myself of it

    do Dolabella Sea Hare's eat that?
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    what is this & how do i rid myself of it

    when i bought my new to me tank the rock the guy had in the tank was covered in this. what is it and how can i rid myself of it & makes sure it wont come back.
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    72" lights for sale

    what bulbs come with it and how old are they?
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    simple lighting question

    what did that set you back?
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    simple lighting question

    so two 36 inch lamps would be more cost effective than the three 24's right? isn't diversity in your lighting a good thing?
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    simple lighting question

    I have spent the last couple of years in the hobby with a 75 g tank i just bought a used 150 but would like to upgrade the lighting . the tank is 72 inches long, my question is, is it better to buy three 24 inch setups two 36 inch or go for the single 72 lighting. I would like to get into corals...
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    protien skimmer question

    I just bought a 150 g tank and the chap who owned it prior had his skimmer set up on the side of the tank ( see photo) I dont like having the thing exposed would it be okay to set this up below with the sump or does it have to be higher?
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    apartments & aquariums

    i'm on the 3rd floor. its an older building but the floors are the concrete sections. I just did know what a 150 with 200 lbs of rock and sand would weigh and if it would be safe. like I said I don't want to cause any damage.
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    apartments & aquariums

    I live in an apartment & currently have a 75g setup, if I were to jump to a 150g setup would the concret slab floor support the weight. this may sound silly but I don't want to cause damage to anything.
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    120 gallon setup for sale - Eastern WV, Northern Va, Western Md area

    Originally Posted by scotty37 Tank whole setup reduced to 500.00 Rock lowered to 2.25/lb check your PM
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    wtb 100 to 150 gal tank

    sorry wrong area
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    125 gallon saltwater fish tank ohio

    how much for the tank Stand striplights lids heater filter & skimmers? Just over in PItt and am very interested email me directly at
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    heater question

    okay thanks, its a 300W heater but its just total crap. I'll look into another make and appreciate the input
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    heater question

    after a very frustrating bout with heaters I am finding that after about 9 months my heaters tend to wig out and loose all sense of temp and cook my tank. currently i have a Won heater with the external temp adjuster. but even set at 76 now it litlerally takes the tank to 84 degrees. I get so...