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  1. ajwaters

    hair algae

    i tried to pull all my algea off the rocks did water change with different RO sourse and put a poly (sp) filter in the sump spaces
  2. ajwaters

    lfs info.....

    I had mine @ .026 also and the lfs said I should only do that if I was tryin to have a gulf tank. i keep mine around .023
  3. ajwaters

    Is This Bad????

    It is best to were gloves when fragging or if you have open sores, especially with zoos. i have touched my mushrooms ricordias i did not seem to hurt either.
  4. ajwaters

    what is this weird algae?

    I think I have the same thing I can get a pic tonight not sure of the name. But I know my lights need to be replaced (ordered yesturday) and I also think it might be because of low water movement in that area of the tank.
  5. ajwaters

    freshwater plant tank

    IMO I have PC lights on my 55 and tried to do plants with out much luck i think your best bet is to get the correct lighting and proper CO2 I have not personally used the CO2 but from what I have read that is the best way to go.
  6. ajwaters

    Acro Attached to platic screw

    How do you remove the coral from the plug with a razor knife? i dont really want to drill a hole in the rock.
  7. ajwaters

    Acro Attached to platic screw

    New to the acro corals and the LFS i go to has them attached to about a 2 in plastic looking screw. I should the screw be removed from the coral or should i drill a hole in the live rock and place the screw with coral attched in it?
  8. ajwaters

    Best Lighting 70Gal Reef Tank

    if i had my choice w/$$$ not an problem. I have a 90g now so this is what is in my mind but i'm sure it would be good for a 70 Two 2 MH 250 Two VHO (blues) and some good timers.
  9. ajwaters

    Wilson Basketballs

    :jumping: :jumping: it it sounds better since there are different sizes.
  10. ajwaters

    Wilson Basketballs

    I thought all offical size balls were the same size.
  11. ajwaters

    Wilson Basketballs

    I was a little surprised my family went up to the local K-mart to get our oldest daughter a basketball. And while she is pickin one out my hubby noitce that the Wilson Basketballs "recomended for males 12 or over" I know its no biggie I just didnt expect to read something like that on a...
  12. ajwaters

    Auto insurance...

  13. ajwaters

    Auto insurance...

    It should cover, is the damage amount over your ded amount
  14. ajwaters

    Lettuce nudibranch back??

    I have heard of nudibranches being pregnant when u buy them but I'm not sure how they give birth or anything. I also was thinking of Hybernatin (sp) The only things I have purchased recenlty is a banggai and so plants that went in the new fuge. but I don't see how it would it made it up to...
  15. ajwaters

    Lettuce nudibranch back??

    It has been about a year since i have last had a lettuce nudibranch. I have bought two at seperate times and both of them disappered. Over the weekend I found an green slug. looked alot like a nudibranch but with out the "lettuce" Next time i see him i will get a pic couldn't find...
  16. ajwaters

    least aggresive clown

    cool. they will definitaly be spaced out purchases. usually broke and xmas shopping is gonna be first on my list, the banggai was my gift to myself :D
  17. ajwaters

    least aggresive clown

    Okay well I guess i will need to add him later so he wont be so territorial after I find out what other fish I think I would like to add. Here is my idea. little worried it might be to much though. currently have Mandrian Banggai thinking of getting. type of tang probably a yellow Jawfish...
  18. ajwaters

    least aggresive clown

    What is the least aggresive clown fish. I use to have a False perc. Him and the umbrella shroom were best friends. But he would bite me a terrorize and other fish i tried to add to the tank. I ended up trading him in but I miss having a clown around. So any input on the more...
  19. ajwaters

    starting cycle

    I'm glad to here the LFS suggested a dead fish instead of a live damsel:D
  20. ajwaters

    Does Coral Sting Humans?

    I would't touch corals if you have an opened wound on your hand. I pretty sure i felt something off my bubble coral before but it really didn't bother me. I would wear gloves if it bothered me. Only happened once on a sensitve area (forearm)