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  1. crome

    For Sale

    thanks its a 55gal
  2. crome

    For Sale

    more pics
  3. crome

    For Sale

  4. crome

    For Sale

    Sorry my bad
  5. crome

    For Sale

    sorry i didnt know i just want this stuff to have a good home...
  6. crome

    For Sale

    this is my phone number 1-813-597-4370
  7. crome

    For Sale

    here are some pics
  8. crome

    For Sale

    I am moving and everything must go for the tampa fl area i have 45 pounds of live rock,brain coral,green candycains,hairy mushrooms,starry blenny,2 prec clowns,blood shrimp,green zoos come and check it out for yourself if you are in the local area..LIVE STOCK ONLY....
  9. crome

    New 125 start

    Great job keep up the good work..
  10. crome

    My new 220

    Did you glue the live rock like that?
  11. crome

    Blasto Appreciation Thread

    Man those first one are shweet!
  12. crome

    show me your nano tanks please!

    Nice pics everyone i so want a nano...
  13. crome

    Crab ID

    That crab looks like he could fly lol cool crab..
  14. crome

    ric eating crab

    thanks for the cam info..
  15. crome

    My Aragacrete - Pic

    That rock looks like a big smiley face lol nice work..
  16. crome


    Your tank is beautiful
  17. crome

    Starry blenny

    Does anybodys blenny eat sand?? He eats so much sand that his belly is about to pop lol but he does poop it out never seen one do that he eats other food too
  18. crome

    new lights

    Love the tag
  19. crome

    ric eating crab

    Great pic man what kind of cam is that?
  20. crome

    Wanna see my light band-aid??

    Thats the best rigg i ever seen lol great job