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  1. hagfish

    Red hair algae problem

    I have a 90 gallon reef that is loaded with red hair algae. I've been researching it and it sounds like Mexican Turbo Snails are by far the best option for eating it. I bought about 5 3-4 weeks ago. I barely saw any of them move and I think they all died. I threw the ones I could find away...
  2. hagfish

    Ricordias slowly dying

    This exact same thing happened to me. But, there were no significant changes in my tank. And before the die off, the rics were growing like crazy. I had started with about 10 and was up to about 50. Now I've got about 5. I had them for about 2 years before they started disappearing. So I...
  3. hagfish

    lots of equipment and some rock for sale in STL

    Prices are OBO
  4. hagfish

    lots of equipment and some rock for sale in STL

    - 5' hamilton fixture with 2x400 watt MH's and 4x65 watt PC's $750 - Canopy for 72 bow complete with 2x250 watt MH's, 2x110 watt VHO's, and about 10 moon lights $400. - Sequence ReeFlo Dart Pump, 3600 GPH $200 -Gen-X PCX-40 1200 gph $75 - I also have an overflow and plenty of pre-assembled pvc...
  5. hagfish

    genx external pump for sale

    I have a Gen-X PCX-40 external pump for sale. 1190 GPH. $100 + shipping obo. I am in the St. Louis area in case anyone local is interested.
  6. hagfish

    50/50 tube light

    It sounds like you have a normal output (NO) light. If so, it is what it is. You have to get a different fixture to run better bulbs. The bulb you bought should be fine (safe). But it is pretty much useless for keeping photosynthetic corals alive. You need to search on "power compacts...
  7. hagfish

    Getting OUT! Time to sell

    I'll take the skimmer if you'll ship.
  8. hagfish

    Yellow Polyp color morph?

    I've seen dull one's and I've seen bright ones. The bright ones look much better IMO. I've also seen the bright ones turn dull. I'd love to know how to keep them bright.
  9. hagfish

    What to feed Majano Anemone?

    I agree with Dogstar. You will have them all over before you know it. Especially if you're spot feeding it.
  10. hagfish

    Light for Fuge

    Originally Posted by grubsnaek eggcrate would bother me, cause the heat the fixture will put out. also poss could have saved money too. i bought a clamp on light that had a aluminum reflector, and a spiral 6500k bulb. 6500k is perfect for photo.... this bulbs is only like 32w, it replaces a 100...
  11. hagfish

    Aiptasia or not?

    I agree they look like curly que anemone's. They are related, but they do not split and move around like pest aiptasias. They are occasionally sold in LFS even. I had one and my dad had one for quite a while and they never caused problems. The do grow long and tentacles though. Probably...
  12. hagfish

    Lets see the tanks running with no skimmers.....

    Originally Posted by agoutihead Ahh the biocubes. Many people have these nano's and biocubes, and most of them don't have skimmers, like my buddy who has a 6 gallon. Yet I have seen these little nano's flurish better than most peoples reef tanks. sure they have various media in the back...
  13. hagfish

    T-5 HO vs. regular PC

    I'd love to know why only a couple brands are selling t5's with good reflectors. Is it really that big of a deal to make good reflectors?
  14. hagfish

    Can rain water be used for making saltwater? Pic of my tank.

    You are just not going to save that much money by doing this. So what's the point? If you could avoid filtering it, that would save a little money.
  15. hagfish

    Can rain water be used for making saltwater? Pic of my tank.

    Let me put it this way. I've got about 225 total gallons of water in all my aquariums. My water bill is about $30-35 a month. So for a year I'm probably never going over $400 for water. I have thousands of dollars worth of livestock. It would take at least 4 years of collecting rainwater to...
  16. hagfish

    Can rain water be used for making saltwater? Pic of my tank.

    No way. And it doesn't matter where you live. Clouds move pretty fast and there's no telling where the water comes from. Plus rain is unpredictable. Sometimes you need water fast and you need water almost every day for topoffs. If your RO unit is incapable of filtering your water even when...
  17. hagfish

    Berghia nudibranch

    I have to agree that it is faster than you think to spray something like Joe's juice on these things. I've recently been squirting some distilled white vinegar at them. I probably had a hundred. I've just been taking 5 minutes every day or two to spray 'em. I think I've about cut the total...
  18. hagfish

    Gay Marriage, Abortion and other moral issue?

    I don't know how you can read John chapter 1 and not determine that what is in the bible is what God wants in it. Here's a couple verses that relate to the topic closely. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 14 The Word became flesh and made his...
  19. hagfish

    My GBT anemone is completely closed sometimes is this normal?

    He sounds fine. The like crevices and it sounds like he found one. When they are big and full it's mostly just water making them that big. They can expel the water and become tiny. They do this fairly often.
  20. hagfish

    Check out this hitchiker

    I threw him in the fuge soon after I found him. He actually hangs out in the front where I can see him pretty often. Best looking crab I've seen.