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  1. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Well the sumps are done, all they need now is baffled once they get to Luke's house. Now for the pic of the second sump. Well, I'm off to a different forum. . . . So long I announce this my last post. Happy Reefing!
  2. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Well, I guess an "update" from my side is due. Unfortunately there is no progress here except for laying out the glass for the 2nd sump. It has been outrageously cold to be siliconing, so I have skipped on assembling the second sump for a week or so. Tomorrow is supposed to stay above freezing...
  3. brandan

    What to do...HIGH salinity...

    Originally Posted by stdreb27 I doubt there is anything still alive in a tank that lost 1/2 of its water, there is probably no circulation, probably no 02. most inverts can't survive that so hello nh3. This depends on what the salt level was initially. If she ran the tank very low to begin...
  4. brandan

    240g in wall shallow reef build

    Corals look like they are doing well, however, I personally could have done without the pic of the buck.
  5. brandan

    300 gallon reef upgrade. build. need equipment suggestions

    My recommendation would be to just get new sand. You can use some of your old sand to seed the new tank. Also, I am not sure what your Screen Name is referring to, but if it is what I think, it is not appropriate, there are young children on this forum, if that is not what you are referring to...
  6. brandan

    Golgi's 75 gallon reef diary

    What type of sand did you use?
  7. brandan

    Putting Faces to the Names

    Originally Posted by alix2.0 dude, purfectriot. love the hurr. new. gotta love photobucket. Engaged?
  8. brandan

    copy of salifert calcium test paper?

    Thank you from me also, I have my ALK one, but no Ca. Thank you!
  9. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Originally Posted by LoogieLV nobody sees a problem with 3/4" plate (not tempered) with no center brace? Have fun sleeping at night with 20mm glass. I would HIGHLY recommend calling a reputable tank builder to confirm the glass thickness on a tank of that magnitue. To do a tank that is 8"...
  10. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Originally Posted by Bronco300 haha, no harm no foul for me...don't mind comments haha...don't worry bout cubs tickets for me, I'll take a flight to denver and tickets to a broncos games(or to broncos-colts game if they play each other here) Who lives in Denver?????
  11. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Originally Posted by nwdyr hey can I be friends with you guys??........ :) Sure, as long as you "throw" in some free Cubs tickets and T-Shirts. lol. Now, who said money can't buy friends. . . .
  12. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Originally Posted by yukon Nice job so far on the sumps Brandan Looks great!! Are you planning on doing any kind support structure around the glass? I have some extra glass that I am going to use to brace all of the edges, and I will also be installing baffles as soon as Luke gets the extra...
  13. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being the nice guy that I am, I decided to go ahead and build the custom sumps for Luke! Over the years we have done many things to help each other out. Looks like it is my turn, here ya go Luke. Only one left to do tonight, might be able to get these over to you...
  14. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Drum roll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  15. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Originally Posted by grubsnaek actually seeing the tank in motion was insane. i think one of the halides is not working correctly? but to see how long it is............... sh*t have fun filling that thing, and empting your wallet.... The tank only has a few T-5 fixtures on it, the halides are...
  16. brandan

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Tank is lookin' great. I went down there tonight for a few hours and helped clean up the garage. Hopefully the glass for the sumps will be here soon so I can get those built and we can get the OM and all the pumps done. The 11' of view is something awesome to see.
  17. brandan

    New Macros

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This proves that there is more to taking good pictures than a nice camera. . . You MUST know how to use it.
  18. brandan

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    Goodwin, I am looking for a new pair of clowns for my 100reef, I have a pair of True Percs in my 30, and was thinking that a pair of Skunks would be a nice addition. Any suggestions?
  19. brandan

    From Start till.....

    Originally Posted by johnnyd im prob getting a 120g and want a sump filtration (megoflow model 3 up to 110g's), so if i by a HOB overflow rated at 800 gph what do i get for a return pump? the same gph? if there not the same wont the fuge overflow ive never had one so im new to setting one up. i...
  20. brandan

    Start of one "BIG" SPS tank

    How do you like the RK2? Would you recommend it over the AquaController 3?