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  1. sammiefish

    Red Planaria

    my vote is a 6 line wrasse as well. tough little guys and nice to look at too
  2. sammiefish

    Cycling with Live Rock?

    I would feed the tank... a shrimp is probably a good idea.. if the rock was cured the shrimp will feed the bacteria so they multiply and colonize your substrate... unless you are bare bottom then you wont have long to wait...
  3. sammiefish


    ditto... feed the empty tank... and wait 6 or so weeks... test regularly if you can but definately test before adding livestock... then dont add more than one fish at a time...
  4. sammiefish

    just bouht live rock

    if its a brand new tank...(no livestock yet) just drop it in.
  5. sammiefish

    New setup, please rate equipment

    Id bag the wet/dry thing. I would suggest a sump only with a good protein skimmer, a lights of america outdoor light and some caulerpa or other plant down there. You can save a lot of $ by choosing a food grade storage bin to use as the sump. Doesnt look as cool as acrylic but looking back I...
  6. sammiefish

    lighting question

    im with jj.... is there a reason you would not do 2 x 400? i do 2 x 250 20k on my 75 ... aside from power usage I would be comfortable with 2 x 400.. but id say thats for acros ... my montiporas do great under the 2 x 250 (nickle size to 10 inches in a 8 - 10 months) my acros arent as fast...
  7. sammiefish

    Hitchiker upkeep

    your plankton is definately not pointless. Id continue feeding small amounts, watch the cycle, you can do water changes, the tank will possibly cycle more slowly, but if I were to do it again thats how I would do it... try to preserve as much life on the rock as possible... I woiuld even add...
  8. sammiefish

    What Is Coral?

    theres more here
  9. sammiefish

    What Is Coral?

    cor·al (kôr'əl, kŏr'-) pronunciation n. 1. 1. A rocklike deposit consisting of the calcareous skeletons secreted by various anthozoans. Coral deposits often accumulate to form reefs or islands in warm seas. 2. Any of numerous chiefly colonial marine polyps of the class Anthozoa that...
  10. sammiefish

    Caulerpa In Reef

    a tang :joy:
  11. sammiefish

    What's all the hype about R/O Water

    this discussion prompted me to look up my local water supply details... interestingly (to me) is that hardness was reported as 25 grains per gallon (about 430 ppm CaCO3) pretty good to grow corals.. too bad we have to get rid of everything by RO/DI then add back just what we need or want (which...
  12. sammiefish

    Sump/refugium question

    is there a reason why people split the flow to go to 2 sides of a sump rather than just going from one end to the other?.... just for lower flow through the fuge part...? BTW, how deep do you like the skimmer part of the sump... I like mine only about 6 inches so the skimmer can sit on the...
  13. sammiefish

    feeding shrimp

    yeah, like was said... they will fend for themselves when you feed fish...
  14. sammiefish

    handling inverts/corals

    when I handle corals I try not to touch any of the coral tissue. I try to touch only the rock base to which they are usually attached. Corals have a slime coating that protects them from nasties like bacterial infections which can be fatal. If you disturb the slime coat it can give those...
  15. sammiefish

    Which MH's Should I buy

    I run my VHO actinics for 3 hours overlapping briefly to MH for 6 hours then overlapping to 3 hours VHOs again... a total photoperiod of 12 hours... (MH for 6 hours a day preceded and followed by 3 hours VHO) XM 20000K 2 x 250W on 75G excellent results w/ Acropora, Montipora etc.
  16. sammiefish

    Hitchhiker on my frogspawn, id please.

    its hard to tell but... is it possible that it is a new polyp starting... FS do that ...
  17. sammiefish

    what is your salanty? fo?reef?

    1.025 reef
  18. sammiefish

    Calcium poll

    here... here...
  19. sammiefish

    Calcium poll

    if it is low... sure. I think 380 to 450 is a good target. If you have alot of things using up your calcium shoot for the higher... it will take longer before you have to add more ... or better yet, drip what you need to keep levels always the same.