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  1. tvoydan

    what is ozone equipment?

    I thought you had to run carbon to break down the ozone before it heads into the main tank? Couldn't you just keep injecting it in small amounts or only run the ozone generator part-time with say the lights on/off timer?
  2. tvoydan

    This Thing Is Evil Looking!!!!

    yeah, predator tunicate. freaky!
  3. tvoydan

    Output too high for skimmer?

    I thought the 5000 wouldn't produce foam? How did you get it working?
  4. tvoydan

    Output too high for skimmer?

    The Mag7 is rated at 700gph, close the the QuiteOne 3000, so they should perform similar with the AquaC EV-120. I think the 5000 is just to much flow for this skimmer without restricting the input with a valve. I'd put the Mag7 on the Skimmer and the 3000 on the return for the tank myself. Tom
  5. tvoydan

    Output too high for skimmer?

    I have the same skimmer and also use the Quiet One 3000 pump. The manual says the skimmer requires 500-550gph, but you can overdrive it per the manual. Hence I selected the 3000 at 768gph. It works well for me. If you're now using the Quiet One 5000 pump, put a flash light on side of the skimmer...
  6. tvoydan

    growing phytoplankton

    Here's the quick start. 1). Get some empty 2 liter pop bottles. Wash and sterilize. 2). Mix some saltwater to 1.015 and bring to a boil to sterilize. Let cool down to room temp. Remember it has to sit overnight to dechlorinate or use dechlorinator (unless you used RO water). 3). Add 1ml of...
  7. tvoydan

    growing phytoplankton

    You have to feed it. Like any algae (or plant) it needs nitrogen and phosphorus (aka common household plant fertilizer or Miracle Gro). I use, and highly recommend adding 1ml of Miracle Algae Grow per 2 litre bottle from Florida Aqua Farms rather than Miracle Gro plant fertilizer. It's all...
  8. tvoydan

    HELP ASAP! Snail went in Anemone Mouth!

    it's normal. Mine deflate and re-inflate once a week or so. One night it was so small I have a hard time finding it. Next day it re-inflated to about 6" across. If the foot lets go of the rock or won't re-inflate within a day. Then I'd start to worry. Also, you may want to make sure you feed...
  9. tvoydan

    Bright Vietnam Zoas for sale..South Florida.

    Zoas arrived today. Can't wait until they open up fully. But so far they look great. Thanks again. Tom
  10. tvoydan

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    PM Sent regarding ricordia. thanks, Tom