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  1. parkercandleco

    125 gallon fish tank for sale.. with accessories

    hey all.. i am wanting to get rid of my 125 gallon tank.. l/w/h 5 ft/18 inches/2 ft this tank is barely a year old.. comes with 2 penguin biowheel filters, 1 protein skimmer (red sea) 80lbs sand, 1 large texas rock, food, and other miscellaneous.. this also includes the stand.. message me with...
  2. parkercandleco

    Please don't vote for McCain

    i dont see why it matters what any of them say anyways,... all politicians are liars.. they like to tell us what we want to hear so they will reap the benefits.. they dont really care about us lower class people who can barely afford to feed the mouths of our children.. they want a brand new bed...
  3. parkercandleco

    Live rock for sale.. Lafayette Indiana

    I am getting rid of my saltwater tank :-( and all of my live rock is for sale.. i have at least 100 pounds and i am looking at $3 a pounds.. but if you are willing to take all of it then i will give you the whole lot for just $200.. thats a deal.. most pieces are big where there are a few medium...
  4. parkercandleco

    Live rock for sale.. Lafayette Indiana

    I need to get rid of this live rock ASAP.. i am asking for $3 a pound.. but i am willing to do a wholesale type deal if you will take the whole lot.. i have at least 100 pounds. i will give you the whole 100 pounds for $200 which is an awesome deal if you ask me.. i am not willing to ship...
  5. parkercandleco

    Live Tock $3.00 A Pound

    I just moved and need to get rid of my live rock.. my fish and inverts are already gone.. but i will need you to call me if you are interested because i currently dont have the internet set up at my new house.. all of the live rock is fiji.. and it has beautiful algae, purple, pink and some...
  6. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    umm.. the super bad infection has been about aweek.. and i assume thats been how long since the fish has atre anything.. he may be nibbling at night when i have the lights out.. im not sure.. but he seems to be doing alright i guess. besides he is still hiding and not eating :-/ maybe he is...
  7. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    *bump* i want to get this back up on the board
  8. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    ok so i jsut thougt i would let everyone know that my angels eyes arent enflamed anymore.. but HE STIll is not eating ( well not that i can tell) and his skin/scales are lighter in color??? i have been feeding with garlic.. i actually just dump the garlic bits into the tank.. so the fish can...
  9. parkercandleco


    well.. there is a thing called black ich.. i think thats the term.. but basically instead of the ich spots being white they are black.. that could be what your tang had/has because tangs are very tolerable to ich.. unfortuneately
  10. parkercandleco

    Need help with Emperor angel

    well i know with some tangs that whenever the lights first go on or off they will have white spots resultig in looking like ich.. BUT>> i realize you dont have a tang.. this could be the same coinsidence though.. i dont think ich will just appear and disapear when need be
  11. parkercandleco

    recent pics.(it can be done sumpless)

    i absolutely love your tank!! AMAZING> i dont have a sump either an i never knew if it could actually be done and look as great as everyone else.. and now i know.. love it.. many kudos to you my friend
  12. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    alright.. well thats no biggy.. i dont have any corals or anything so im sure it would be okay to go ahead and use it in my main tank.. ya.. lol i will sit there and stare at my tank hoping my angel comes around!!!
  13. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    o i will definitely go out and purchase that.. it sounds like it could possibly save his life ill kepp you updated
  14. parkercandleco

    Salt Water Fish LR

    i have purchased live rock from here fore.. and i loved it.. it may be a little m,ore expensive but remember.. YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING!! and thats the awesome part.. because of course it is very expensive.. all of my live rock i ordered was purple and pink.. it was beautiful.. but due to...
  15. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    ya he will just run away.. he used to be so happy and swim up to the glass when he saw me on the outside.. but now hell just hide from me it makes me so sad because i love this fish so much.. well i guess he probably wont make it.. because he will hide in the rocks when i feed the fish.. even...
  16. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    no i havnt been feeding him garlic yet.. but i am going to go to the store and pick it up tomorrow when i go into town.. ill pick up a clove or so.. i feed them mysis shrimp on one day and then the other day i will feel them pellets and a sheet of seaweed.. i hope i am giving him the right...
  17. parkercandleco

    How to keep your tanks temp constant??

    yes thats right I DO NOT HAVE A CHILLER>> i dont even know how that got added in here../. but i do have a glass heater.. it came with my fish tank so i just used that one.. i will probably upgrade to a titanium.. my glass heater does work well.. its just when i try to put it on a temperature...
  18. parkercandleco

    my angel has pop eye and a sore

    there WERE fish bother him.. but i took them out about a week or 2 ago.. and he has just progressively gotten worse since then.. so im hoping her gets much better.. i will add garlic to the food i feed him... hopefully its not an internal parasite.. because i have heard that it can affect my...