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  1. aquaman

    cant get my chaeto to tumble

    I do not have Chaeto, but am curious as to why make it tumble?
  2. aquaman

    Now 4 Fish gone AWOL!!

    they died and have been eaten. BTW a cleaner wrasse should never have been introduced to your tank. All it did was starve to death. Then need very large tanks with many more inhabitants than your, mine or most home aquariums can/do have or can handle. They only eat parasites and the slime...
  3. aquaman

    Shrimps keep dying :(

    You say you acclimate them for 1 1/2 hrs. Please describe that process for me.
  4. aquaman

    Shrimps keep dying :(

    How long are you taking to acclimate them into the tank? What is the salinity level of your tank v. where you are getting them? How long are they at the place you are getting them from? If they are new arrivals there it could be the stress of too much change too fast. You say you got normal...
  5. aquaman

    Water Changes

    I have been in the hobby for 21 years, with some time out from time to time. In all that time there has been so many different rules of thumb, but I have found what works well for me in terms of the life in the aquarium and "life" in my wallet. You need to do some sort of change, what works for...
  6. aquaman

    Favorite Shrimp???

    +1 I have 3 of them in my DT.
  7. aquaman

    Tank Background Wont Stay On

    Agreed, I spray but on empty tanks.
  8. aquaman

    Tank Background Wont Stay On

    You can so long as you are careful. I prefer a painted background myself, and usually go with blur to simulate the ocean. Make sure you cover everything you can.
  9. aquaman

    My 1st algae scrubber build

    I finished my scrubber last night about 1am and got it going in my sump. I got it running overnight. On the way home from work I need to pick up a light for it. I am open to ideas for a light. I will get some pics of it later tonight when I get home.
  10. aquaman

    watchman goby pistol shrimp

    interesting idea, I will be interested in your experience in this
  11. aquaman

    Closed loop ideas

    Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 CL and Vortechs are totally 2 different subjects..... First I appreciate your input, just to be up front. But the idea behind the powerhear, no matter the kind, or the closed loop system FOR ME is the same. As stated in the OP it is to get some flow behind...
  12. aquaman Order

    My scarlets always sem to take a few days to move. I have bee sure a number of times they were dead, then they would start to move. Maybe give it some time.
  13. aquaman

    Closed loop ideas

    I am leaning back to the closed loop idea, due to money issues. But of course that means a pipe running down behind the rock as I am not draining it to drill a couple holes. Well there is no hurry, I have not started stocking it yet, it just has the content of my old 29 gal in it. I would love...
  14. aquaman

    is polyuerethane okay

    it's ok, it happens.
  15. aquaman

    tv shows that you miss

    Giligan's Island Voyagers (not star trek) Battlestar Galactica, the new one not the old one Get Smart I am sure there are more, but I cannot think of them now.
  16. aquaman

    Closed loop ideas

    how are they better, or are they, than another powerhead? I like the idea of not having a wire running down, but not for an extra $200.
  17. aquaman

    Closed loop ideas

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gemmy Vortech A tad bit pricy aren't they!
  18. aquaman

    Closed loop ideas

    I am just looking for a way to get a little water flow behind the rocks. Does anyone know what the name of the power heads are called that stick to the glass with the power source on the outside and the head in the inside of the tank?
  19. aquaman

    is polyuerethane okay

    Quote: Aquaman: What is your concern in the matter? Meaning, are you concerned with contamination being caused to the tank somehow or is it that the heat and humidity will cause the poly to take longer to cure? I only ask because it's not like he's using the stuff on his wood floor...he's...
  20. aquaman

    is polyuerethane okay

    I would not use it right away, it takes a month for it to cure. If you have heat then a little less, but maybe a week less. I work with the stuff all the time. It may not harm your tank, but why take the chance.