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  1. spoils94

    ideal corals for the 29g biocube?

    You could do frogspawn and some zoas. How much lighting do you have?
  2. spoils94

    My first saltwater aquarium!!!

    I cant wait to see it. Good luck
  3. spoils94

    Wisdom Teeth

    I only have three but they need to be taken out eventually...
  4. spoils94

    School started today...

    Not hijaking this thread but i too started highschool... It seems like such a long day... Geometry (Have 2 friends and the rest of them are softmores O_o) (Intimidating) Biology Honors English Spanish 2 Info Tech Computer Info Managment Gym Freshman Seminar World History I guess I shouldnt be...
  5. spoils94

    Gary's 150 aga

    Wow, lots of coralline very nice Do the tangs fight at all?
  6. spoils94

    Flame Angel

    now i want one, lol, very nice
  7. spoils94

    Items for Freshwater dip

    I think so as i dipped my star polyps to make sure that there were no flat worms. I could be wrong but they should be okay.
  8. spoils94

    Let's see those hot zoas!

    finally got the rest of my pics and found camera... i need better colors...
  9. spoils94

    i admit im stupid but help

    I dont have a great definition but: It's basically an invertabrate that usually has long tenticles with cells on the tips that will sting other organisms. It holds on to rocks with its foot which acts as an anchor. I believe it eliminates waste through its mouth (someone correct me if im wrong)...
  10. spoils94

    Need ideas for 30

    If you put inverts in, add a blenny. They have loads of personality. Gobies and Cardinals are nice too.
  11. spoils94

    Distance from your home

    About 4 miles
  12. spoils94

    Just got a new job!

    I don't know really any tips, but congrats. It would seem like a really neat job
  13. spoils94

    making food for the fish

    no to hijack this thread but is it possible to use canned foods instead of frozen?
  14. spoils94

    Latest FTS

    Wow... having only two kinds of colorful coral sounds like an awesome idea. Those frogfish are so cool.
  15. spoils94

    Brains and Lighting

    thank you
  16. spoils94

    Brains and Lighting

  17. spoils94

    Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?

    Looks awesome with all of the colors I like the seperated rockwork...
  18. spoils94

    Brains and Lighting

    How much lighting does a brain coral need. I have a Current set with dual daylight 6,700k and 10,000k. And dual actinic 420nm and 460nm. Both are/have 65watts. Or do I need MHs
  19. spoils94

    Majano questions

    Oh and what's better boiling water or lemon juice? Ive heard of Joes Juice but i want to try these first.
  20. spoils94

    New Star Polyps

    thnx. They were green when i got them so their color should return eventually.