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  1. xtreeme

    Rock out of water what to do

    I changed the water and now it looks real clear. I will test the water to be sure. I will be sure not to drop the rocks I try to be carefull. Thanks.
  2. xtreeme

    What 'salt' is best to use?

    I use Tropic Marin Pro Reef.
  3. xtreeme

    Rock out of water what to do

    Thanks Mr.X Im not sure how long for 5 months maybe. Its real dry pure white. So rinse like I did and then put in? The water in the 20g container slight yellow now. Im removing the crushed coral and use just sand later. Is it better if I put the rock on glass then add sand later when I buy some...
  4. xtreeme

    Rock out of water what to do

    Hello, been a while since I have posted. Friend gave me some rock he took out of the tank. This rock has been in bucket dry for long time it white. I put in some hot water to clean. Running power head now too. Is it ready to use or should I cure it. Live sand was in saltwater, had no flow or...
  5. xtreeme

    Partial quotes

    try that (I mod forum software as hobby heh) I played around; still can't get the partial Remove the space after the e [/quote ] I used space or wont show its BBcode. /quote] like that but [ in front. for instance I used
  6. xtreeme

    Sand sifting star on its last (rotting) leg

    You can only find a older big tank to give to or some will take food. Ours takes sun dried gurami when I feed fish he comes out of sand. This is the BURROWING star fish or sea star (there is no sand sifting star fish that is just a hoby name). Mine had lost some of the leg low salt in tank at...
  7. xtreeme

    What exactly do you feed you clown?

    False Perc Sun Dry gurami shrimp (walmart ) Sally Seaweed Salad Prime reef flake 3x a day. No more then they can eat in 1 minute or so. How often is opinion. Some feed more some less. Some feel feed more means more vitamin and strength so strong fish. Others feel makes tank dirty (wont if they...
  8. xtreeme

    Streak-free glass cleaning

    Originally Posted by reefkprZ I just use Ro water. unless its just salt residue from water, then I just use a clean dry towel. +1
  9. xtreeme

    Partial quotes

    It BB code just type Code: paste here [/quote ]
  10. xtreeme

    Lighting on the first day?

    Mushrooms Order Corallimorpharia Corals Order Scleractinia
  11. xtreeme

    I lost everything in my 150

    Originally Posted by RCreations Very sorry for your loss. But I think everyone with a big tank and investment should have a gas generator able to power the entire tank, minus the lights. A generator like that will run you around $500 but it's worth it. sorry you lost your fish. We have a...
  12. xtreeme

    Reef fish foods?

    Dont feed brine. I use dried gourami shrimp its better. Sally Seaweed salad good.
  13. xtreeme

    Zoa was it worth $20?

    They are kinda red brown. LFS had on th top rack of frag tank. So the color could change? Both are about 2" Heh I figure once I get a few I can trade back.
  14. xtreeme

    Lighting on the first day?

    LOL confusing. Thanks for the info. Why do they call them Disc anemones or carpet anemone? Coral Anemones, False Corals, Mushrooms: Order Corallimorpharia Phylum Cnidaria: Stinging-celled animals. Anemones, corals, sea fans, jellyfishes, sea pens... Polyps...
  15. xtreeme

    who shares your birthday?

    May 16 William Seward "No man will ever be President of the United States who spells Negro with two Gs." Mrs. Harry St. Clair Zogbaum (Leola Baird Leonard) "That nonchalant attempt of Eve's to fashion garments from leaves was not, as you have heard...
  16. xtreeme

    my new 55

    Originally Posted by morval not positive but i think that choc chip stars are not reef safe and may eat some corals +1
  17. xtreeme

    Lighting on the first day?

    New Columbia would have to ship.
  18. xtreeme

    Lighting on the first day?

    yep WOW NICE! Got anymore left lol
  19. xtreeme

    Zoa was it worth $20?

    Thanks I thought so. I asked for the zoa rock for $20 (wanted $40 at first lol). I only have one LFS with any frags they are all soft. GSP is $50! Xenia is $40 also. I should get from here.
  20. xtreeme

    Zoa was it worth $20?

    Im happy with them. The mushroom I almost didnt get they were $50. ID?