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  1. lilyandchris08

    panda gobies

    I can't send one to you and you can't send one to me until you are a memeber for more than two weeks. When you have been a member for more than two weeks I can send you one.
  2. lilyandchris08

    panda gobies

    PM me I have seen them for sale a lot.
  3. lilyandchris08

    Do Not Ship Dhl

    No matter who you use to ship your package delays happen for every airline or cargo operator. I am a pilot and no matter if it is overnight shipping or not delays can happen for all air operators. I have seen DHL flights make it into airports when UPS can't and the other way around as well...
  4. lilyandchris08

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    We just got everything into the tank and it already looks amazing!!! We are really glad that we ordered from you!
  5. lilyandchris08

    ?? anenome that likes to hide ??

    We are having the exact same issue. We have moved the position of the live rock around so he is on top but he just moves towards the back side of the tank where the light doesnt shine. Our clownfish won't go near the anemone. Looks like we have the same problem.
  6. lilyandchris08

    90 gallon fish tank iowa with livestock

    Wanting to know if there is anything left?
  7. lilyandchris08

    90 gallon fish tank iowa with livestock

    I live in Iowa also and would be interested in a couple of things and know a place that might be interested in all of it.
  8. lilyandchris08

    anyone from iowa? or anyone else, i wtb frags -

    We are from Des Moines and have some tanks there and then also up in Dubuque. Could trade but not a lot to trade.
  9. lilyandchris08

    Anemone in bad health?

    Remember we are all here to help each other out not bash people down for their simple mistakes. Most of us at some point have had a little impulsive type buy and make mistakes. None of us ever want our animals to die but mistakes happen. Keep your chin up and good luck with your animals!
  10. lilyandchris08

    WTB Blue Anthelia or Xenia

    We are in North East Iowa near WI and IL and want to get some Blue Anthelia and some more Xenia. We are willing to pay for shipping or will try and come and pick it up.
  11. lilyandchris08

    $5 Kenya frags and others (lower prices)

    We are back and are ready to buy some Kenya and GSP! Shipping to 52001
  12. lilyandchris08

    $5 Kenya frags and others (lower prices)

    Hey we would like both the Kenya and the GSP when we get back from Germany. We will send you an email as soon as we get back from Germany and we will work out the details of shipping.
  13. lilyandchris08

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    We want some as soon as soon as you are ready to ship we are out of the country till March 10th but can't wait.
  14. lilyandchris08

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    We need some of them. We are going to be out of the country but will be back around March 10th. You didn't go overboard.
  15. lilyandchris08

    Cheap Pulsing Xenia Near Chicago IL.

    Near Chicago? I fly in and out of the Chicago land area all the time could you meet by a airport? I will be out of the country for a little bit. How much you wanting for it?
  16. lilyandchris08

    $5 Kenya frags and others (lower prices)

    We are interested in getting a piece of the Kenya and the star polyps curious about shipping to 52001and total prices. We will be out of the country and won't be able to get it until we get back in early March.
  17. lilyandchris08

    Tank in College?

    We have a 20 gallon reef tank and it is the highlight of our house. Last year in the dorm we decided not to have one but looking back on it I could have. I stayed in the dorms over all breaks and wish I would have started it last year. The biggere the tank the harder they are to move. I know...
  18. lilyandchris08

    If you were given free hands to stock...

    It really depends on what you like. The new fish of the month for me is a Picasso Clownfish. I just got one from SWF and it is one of the coolest fish I have. Another good idea would be tangs (yellow, pacific, purple) if money isn't an option, you could get a black tang. Some of the Fairy...
  19. lilyandchris08

    My 6 gal

    Sorry about the confusion. The six gallon has my catalina goby in it. The 20 gallon has the rest of my fish in it.
  20. lilyandchris08

    picasso clowns..

    Got it from