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  1. coachklm

    Hitchhiker Coral need id!

    looks more like palythoas ...very hardy....... they'll be fine...
  2. coachklm

    Best value T5 bulbs???

    and packaging is superb
  3. coachklm

    @90g SPS Design

    Ok... so I have sold all of my equipment and am now starting from scratch.... Looking for Tank @ 90-125g Elos AGE ZeroEdge Skimmer: BM200 ?? ?? Lighting: ATI powermodule/s calcium reactor: Jetstream1 controller: ProfiluxII plus what am I missing? any opinions so far...
  4. coachklm

    Time to find a skimmer

    there is one for sale on another board ,.......
  5. coachklm

    New mogul based LED MH replacement bulb

    Originally Posted by SpiderWoman Hey coachKLM we haven't seen you in a while! Here is what I wrote in my tank build thread about the new light yeah been busy moving stuff and getting ready to move to alaska.... On a side note I was able to sell my entire 270g system so its been hectic...
  6. coachklm

    New mogul based LED MH replacement bulb

    updated needed/....updates wanted
  7. coachklm

    ID please

    ridgata is the branching hydro.... exesa is not as you are correct it is the rigitata(sp)
  8. coachklm

    @90g SPS Design

    bump .... maybe i'll take the easy way out and get the elos 120xl? any experience with these?
  9. coachklm

    Calcium Reactor Jetstream 1 schuran for sale used

    arrrrggghhh can I get pics of whats broken... is this still available... screamin deal if you wanted to ship i'd be interested.
  10. coachklm

    Time to find a skimmer

    you want a ATI bubbleMaster 250 it will def. work for you...
  11. coachklm

    Lighting Watts Myth or Fact?

    Even though this has been explained multiple times... It still remains a myth all above are correct lumen's,spectrum and height should be the only things that matter.
  12. coachklm

    This will be a classic post- I promise!!

    Originally Posted by Aztec Reef I'm skeptical, could it be maybe that the crabs molted and changed shells to Ones that had mojano on them? Good story i'm not skeptical at much about my tank or reef tank in general.. Crabs don't "change shells" they molt -yes but for information on these...
  13. coachklm

    @90g SPS Design

    ok. for an acrylic 1/2" 36x30x20 (93.3g) w/4" brace and continuous back overflow im looking at @ 800 for an 48x30x20 (120g) 1/2" w/3/4" front panel for reduced 3" brace i'm looking at $1000 and still looking at glass options ...
  14. coachklm

    ID please

    hydronophora excesa
  15. coachklm

    New mogul based LED MH replacement bulb

    no LFS where can I get one here in a few months?
  16. coachklm

    @90g SPS Design

    i'm needing ideas ... bumpity.... i just called my previous tank builder also to see what is possible with acrylic .... Who to call to see whats possible with glass?.... A.G.E... I used to have the number ...arrrghh any previous AGE customer have the A.G.E. number?
  17. coachklm

    Another ID post

    I see a close resemblance to a pokerstar montipora
  18. coachklm

    @90g SPS Design

    Allright I'm thinking my 270g will go into storage until we find a new house to buy... SO i will (of course) need a "keep along tank" I will want to use my current equipment on it wich includes: 4way w/dart, ATI powermodule 36", 2x6100 w/controller requirements: the tank has to be easy to shut...
  19. coachklm

    350 gallon with cracked bottom

    i wouldnt risk it .... it cracked for a reason.... that much water on your floor is a disaster..
  20. coachklm

    What would YOU do in this situation?

    windy ,curvy, mountainous montana rd. .... daughter in the back.... 9:00pm ...dusk.... I look to the left and see momma and baby fox running along side the road... I slow down momma darts into the forest left baby dashes to the right... " HOLD...." ........Thump,thump... " what was that...