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  1. michael7979

    coral ID please

    Hard to tell from the pic. could it be an elegance coral?
  2. michael7979

    Buy one get one free

    Good for you. Good luck with them.
  3. michael7979

    ID on Hitchhiker Please

    Isn't it the ones with red coloring that you need to watch out for?!
  4. michael7979

    Who's Your Turkey of the Year?

  5. michael7979

    Why won't my rock worms come out?

    Sounds like you have a porties rock with X-mas tree worms in it. I have never seen them stay out all the time. They always dart into the rock when there is motion. I have even seen them dart in with a wave of the hand outside the tank.
  6. michael7979

    how long can fish last in a bag from the fish store?

    Ask the LFS to hold the items you want and pick them up before you head home/store closes.
  7. michael7979

    Fri Night 6 pack

    Really like the hammer.
  8. michael7979

    wow, water parameters are way off please help

    Raise your calcium and your dkh will fall back to a better range they work like a teeter-totter,( with one on each side). As for the ph if you didn't do some WC's during this vacation period then you may need to add a little buffer, open a window near by and air out the canopy and stand as stale...
  9. michael7979

    New adition

    nice fish!
  10. michael7979

    chevron and coral beauty

    I wouldn't put both tangs in that tank. One surely will harrass the other. And I'd wait awhile longer before adding ANY more fish. You just added 5 fish and the tank is new, right? Give the tank and biolgical time to catch up with the new load you have added. My $.02.
  11. michael7979

    Lps or Sps?

    sps here!!!!! Only a couple of lps that I like. Sps to me are way more interesting.
  12. michael7979

    So my tank has gone to the crapper...

    I vote for 2
  13. michael7979

    Which macro's for fuge?

    I would do cheato only.
  14. michael7979

    hitchhiker id

    1 zoas 2 ? 3and 4 aptasia 5 ?
  15. michael7979

    t5 lighting

    One of our LFS carries HO (hi-output) T5's and NO (normal output) T5's. So there is a difference.
  16. michael7979

    What do you do for a job and how long to teach someone that job.

    I stack boxes in a food warehouse and a MONKEY can learn my job in 12 hours! O.K. just kidding it would take a monkey 6 hours!!
  17. michael7979


    I use IO also.
  18. michael7979

    Lights for a refugium??

    I also use a small PC light over my fuge that I got at my LFS>
  19. michael7979

    20k MH users

    In the first pic, I just got the frag home and it was 1/2-3/4'' and in the 2nd pic. the coral has grown several arms and has started to develope it's blue color, now it is over 2 1/2'' tall. It is the same coral with 5 months or so growth. Just got my season tickets the other day. :jumping...
  20. michael7979

    Are all chillers need a separate pump

    I know Pacific Coast Imports has great customer service and they are located on the left coast so if you need anything they are close. They will get my bussiness when I'm ready for my new chiller.