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  1. mudhauler

    125 gal. and asmg3 skimmerFS

    skimmer--- sold
  2. mudhauler

    125 gal. and asmg3 skimmerFS

    Sorry for the late response It's been a while since I have seen any response. Now all that Xmas money is flowing and I'm getting replies. Yes it's still available LMK John
  3. mudhauler

    125 gal. and asmg3 skimmerFS

  4. mudhauler

    125 gal. and asmg3 skimmerFS

    Hammer yes it's still available. No pix but asm has pix without the gate valve mod. It's in great shape no cracks or damage I guarantee it! If I didn't tear down my tank I wouldn't sell it. I'll ship for what ever the cost is no problem.
  5. mudhauler

    125 gal. and asmg3 skimmerFS

    bump for today
  6. mudhauler

    10g nano question...

    5 gallons per inch of fish that lawnmower will get huge you need to add a 50 gal refugium if you want to keep those fish alive. jmo
  7. mudhauler

    Lighting Upgrade

    I agree on the shrooms hard to kill. I do know that too clean water isn't nutrient rich enough for softies they can and will starve but not in a week. Something else is up me thinks.
  8. mudhauler

    125 gal. and asmg3 skimmerFS

    Selling 125 and stand its an all glass tank not drilled $200. asmg3 skimmer excellent condition with sedra 5000 $160.00 A home made stand is included with the tank
  9. mudhauler


    My juvy aclimated vrey nicely from SWF 49.00 he's grown an inch in about 2 months. He's nailed my zoas a few times but he hasn't cleaned them out and mostly ignores them. I think you're making the right choice passing on him get a little guy they don't miss the wide open ocean as much. Good Luck
  10. mudhauler

    Butterfly fish compatability???

    I kept a thead fin and a racoon together for a long time. They went in together and were about the same size. I saw a copperband [hr] a longnose they might not get along. I think its more territorial than pure hate thats why I think if you're going to try it I'd put them in together
  11. mudhauler

    ca mandarines get ich?

  12. mudhauler

    ca mandarines get ich?

    I have an ich problem and am quarantining the other fish starting tomorrow do manderines get ich and if not do they still transport the disease. I hope not he's eating well and shows no sign of the disease. Thanks in advance for the help
  13. mudhauler

    pls help, losing interest in reff tank

    I'll type in a very soothing manor. I'm not fond of the dips or treatments as they don't treat the root of the problem, what is stressing the fish. Are they ich free when they are purchased ,is the LFS using copper in there tanks? Is this a fowlr or reef? Are there other tangs in the tank, is it...
  14. mudhauler

    My first Order (Advise)

    Vanquish you might try a post to go in with someone in your area. Or maybe there's a reef club locally. I'm a very happy customer and I've saved a ton. They stand behind there stuff too, if it comes in dead they will replace it as long as you follow the easy directions.
  15. mudhauler

    This site

    I've ordered from this site twice and had excellent results lost only one and they replaced it. I bought an emperor a flame angel a longnose 2 perc's a sailfin and a hippo all ate within 2 days. One suggestion to recieve the free shipping mix in inverts and fish if you plan on getting more than...
  16. mudhauler

    new 65g future reef tank w/ pictures! specs, costs, stocking list, etc. :)

    Slow down grasshopper. This hobby requires patience you've worked hard to get here let the system catch up with you. If you want to add anything start with some cleaners. Don't jump the gun and send you're tank into another cycle with new fish and lose them. Think long term stick to a plan and...
  17. mudhauler

    A little disappointed...

    You should formulate a plan as to what you want in your tank before you purchase anything. Stick to the plan if you did your home work and checked compatibility and size requirements you should increase your chances of success. Remember measure twice cut once!!!!
  18. mudhauler

    Triggers for a 90G tank

    I f you're doing all triggers try to add small to large so the newer ones don't get thrashed by the older dominate ones. I loved my clown trigger and he was only rude to the feeder fish, boy was he ever
  19. mudhauler

    just started my cycle with live rock, no readings?

    Get some sand from the fuge of an established tank it's loaded with bacteria the raw shrimp thing is gross and it takes forever IMO
  20. mudhauler

    A little disappointed...

    A new fish is always a little dicey when its going into an established tank especially when it has damsels waiting for it. I've had good luck so far with 2 orders from SWF. I had a sailfin dead on arrival with my first shipment but they took care of it and the one they replaced it with was a...