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  1. emm0909

    Growth of cabbage coral

    Leathers and Carbon... Why? Leathers release that much toxin in the water. If they do they probably release a lot more after clipping huh. I don't run carbon really. I have a sick skimmer though. I'll look into running carbon more often.
  2. emm0909

    please post pics of amazing coraline algae on your rock

    I don't really understand the love for coraline. When you first set a tank up the idea of getting everything all purple sounds fun. Just like when you first get start polyps you want them to grow all over the tank. My tank just lost most of its coraline and my corals are doing wonderful. My tank...
  3. emm0909

    Plenum or Insanity?

    Honestly, you can keep your nitrates at zero with a simple waterchange once a month. I like the idea of a plennum and was goign to go for it but I'd do a once a month water change anyway. So what s the point? It'll just build up over the next couple years and there's a good chance it can crash...
  4. emm0909

    panda gobies

    Isn't that a type of clown goby?
  5. emm0909

    QUICK is the worth $40

    Well it's not just $40 is it? It's $40 plus shipping. That adds another $30 to it. Plus when you see things online you never know hat they are going to look like under your light. That looks real nice though. I would love it in my tank.
  6. emm0909

    Zoo and GSP Question

    Watch your alcolinity. Is that the only thing in your tank? Sometimes if you let the tank go bad it wont show signs until a month later. Then when parameters are good again, it could take a month to look better.
  7. emm0909

    Shark diving in South Africa

    A friend of a friend went diving in South Africa. Pretty cool pictures.
  8. emm0909

    How to get rid of nuisance GSP's?

    If it's on the substrate just rip it in half and take it to the pet store or a nwe hobbiest will always love it. If it is on a rock you can either trade it to a lfs for another rock and a little store credit or if it's on a rock that you dont want to get rid of, pull it out and use a hammer and...
  9. emm0909

    trying a 75 AGAIN

    Two koralia 4's and a koralia 3? Oh my God dude! I would put two fours in a 180. Your water has got to be ripping in there. HAHA, put a generator with a wheel on it to power the reast of your house.
  10. emm0909

    Am I a member of the "Tang Police"?

    Just ask people if they would want to live in a locked dorm room for the rest of their lives. Or if they would keep a dog in a kennel forever. People don't understand the space needed. Just because it can swim around in circles in there doesn't mean it's enough space. A shark will fit in a...
  11. emm0909

    Entire Zoanthis Colony Die Off

    I had a colony of Fire and Ice zoanthids suddenly close up and eventually start to dissappear. What could cause this? The colony was doing great for a while. Water parameters are fine so no need to ask 75 Gallon tank is 5 months old. Added an ASM G1X skimmer about a month before the close up...
  12. emm0909

    Purple Up

    Becky, Go into the nubies forum and into the helpful threads thread. There are two in there about calc, mag, and alk. They are a good read. When your calcium gets too high your alk drops to stabilize the calc. The loss of these two creates calcium carbonate. This causes the snowing effect. It...
  13. emm0909

    Adding more corals

    I have a purple gorg and it tends to do fine. The thing that gives them trouble I'm pretty sure is heavy skimming. Other than that if they have good flow and can get a lot of nutrients then they hold up fine. Sponges - make sure you don't have macro bubbles floating around and like said above...
  14. emm0909


    You can move everything. You'll be fine. If you keep a fair amount of the water, 30% and transfer everything I doubt it would cycle. Although the disruption of the sand bed may cause an amonia spike (someone advise). I would get the 75 set up now and let it cycle so that you can just move...
  15. emm0909

    Help im drowning my fish!

  16. emm0909

    Schooling Damsels

    Yea, from my little experience with them in the past I would guess that if I had to. Will two kinds of chromis school? Like two orange line cromis school with two green chromis?
  17. emm0909

    Mantis or Pistol???

    Camping out with a flashlight (red lense is your best bet) and seeing what comes out. There are plenty of things in the tank I'm sure you'd be glad to see. My pistol snaps all the time. I hear him several times a day. I think he's just grumpy.
  18. emm0909

    Schooling Damsels

    Will most damsels school up? I know green chromis will and are a great addition. But what about four yellow damsels? (or some other type)
  19. emm0909

    Zoanthids for sale!

    Thermos and USPS priority for $7 will put zoas anywhere in the lower 48 - alive.
  20. emm0909

    i let it go

    I would do a 50% water change. That will bring your parameters into view of wheere you need them. Let it be for a week then do another. You water should be crystal clear at that point and ready for fish and coral. Test the water, make sure it's stable. Just because it has sat there for a long...