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  1. radiolotek


    My bbq is callin to it. I don't know realy. I am so pissed I have not even tried to catch him due to the fear I have for it's life if I cought it right now. lol
  2. radiolotek


    I am going to remove the shrimp. As soon as I can catch him. The lta died. Man I am sooo pissed. It was huge and healthy. I too didn't think it was possible but I have learned to never be suprised anymore in this hobbie.
  3. radiolotek


    Ok I have a large lta and I just fed it. My pistol shrimp decided he wanted the silverside more than the lta. He cut a hole in the side of the anemone and pulled the silverside out. Is this gonna kill my lta. Should I pull it out now????
  4. radiolotek

    toadstool for trade monmouth county NJ

    I'd love some but I don't have anything to trade right now. If you would like to sell one of em you can email me at radiolotek at tmail dot com
  5. radiolotek

    Funny little clown

    I guess. I left the screen off just to see how many times he would do it. He did it 12 times and then stopped for about 20 min. I thought he was done but nope he went back at it after his little break. Weirdo........ No one picks on him or anything so he must do it for fun or ?????????? lol
  6. radiolotek

    Funny little clown

    So I thought I'd share a funny story. I have a funny little clown. I was doing some work to the overflow piping and all the sudden my clown popped out of the pipe. I netted him up and put him in the tank and he went right back for another ride down the overflow. I have now put netting over the...
  7. radiolotek

    Just venting

    Thomas. If you have 25 or so anemones would you sell one to me. All the ones at my lfs always look sick.
  8. radiolotek

    4x65W PC Retro & Iwaki 40RLT Trade for Coral

    I don't have many corals. I have some green monti cap. How much do you want for the pump? Ill throw the monti in too.
  9. radiolotek

    Looking for sump/fuge.

    Also looking for a wet/dry.
  10. radiolotek

    Looking for sump/fuge.

    Doy you have any pics? Also what are the dementions?
  11. radiolotek

    Looking for sump/fuge.

    Anyone have one?
  12. radiolotek

    Equiptment for sale

    How mnuch for the wet/dry? And how big is it? I need one. You can email me at radiolotek at tmail dot com too.
  13. radiolotek

    Looking for sump/fuge.

    I am trying to find a sump/fuge for my tank. I have everything from overflow to return plumping. I just need a fuge. Mine is dieing (old not dieing off). Let me know if you have something.
  14. radiolotek

    55 Gal with fish FS in Iowa

    I would take the fox face and the pink tip if you will ship.
  15. radiolotek

    reef tank contents for sale

    I am interested in the skimmer and some coral. My email is radiolotek at tmail dot com. Thank you
  16. radiolotek

    Want to buy stuff from central Illinois

    Would you be willing to ship any fish to Reno, NV ?
  17. radiolotek

    Bits And Pieces For, Sale Everything Must Go!!!!

    Cool my zip is 89512. Reno nv. Thanks
  18. radiolotek

    Bits And Pieces For, Sale Everything Must Go!!!!

    Is that for all 3 or just the aqua clear?
  19. radiolotek

    Bits And Pieces For, Sale Everything Must Go!!!!

    interested in the aquaclear filter and mag float. Also digital thermometer. Price?
  20. radiolotek

    RBTA price $500?

    Ill take one of those when you have more.