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  1. ghettotang

    Scracthed inside the Aquarium

    Hello as you know the tile of this thread is the "Scracthed inside the aquarium glass". My question how can I remove the scracthed inside the aquarium. I have 125g ready reef tank. Can anyone tell what I need to do in order to remove the scracthed. I been looking and doing my research and...
  2. ghettotang

    Vicegrip's 75 G pic Diary

    Wow that awsome tank. My question is that the rocks that you have started to cycle your tank. How did you stick the coral like those monti and zoo's into the rock. Did you pull them out or what? I want to know so that I could start doing that on my live rock Thanx Jay
  3. ghettotang

    Azfishgal New Tank Diary!

    Wow!! Az your tank looking awsome. Well I have started my tank already. My question to you is that when you buy coral. How do you get them attach to the rock that already inside of the tank.
  4. ghettotang

    Light Question

    Thank you for your advice about the type of bulb that I should and should not get. Now I concern is that will I be able to keep coral like hammer, frogpawn, torch coral with this light. Again thank you. I can't wait to get my light and a picture of your tank with the 14k light
  5. ghettotang

    Light Question

    Originally Posted by luke01 For hard to keep corals 6-8 watts per gallon. Easy ones are fine with 4-5 watts per gallon. Depending on what you want to keep. Bottom line get higher wattage keep what youn want and be a happy reefkeeper. Thank you for you opion, but what I stated in the begining...
  6. ghettotang

    Light Question

    Originally Posted by ejensen I have the outer orbit 2x150 hqi on my 120. It's been up and running for about a year now with no problems do to the lighting. I don't like the 10K's that came with the fixture. Don't use the ushio lights. They doing seem to work very well with the ballast. I...
  7. ghettotang

    Light Question

    Hi you all it's been a while since I have not post a picture of my 125g reef tank due still work in progress. As of right now I still gathering information and learning how to do a reef tank, still gathering equipment, and still a lot of learning to do. Well my question do is about the...
  8. ghettotang

    Building Sump using Arcylic glass

    I people I need help? I'm in the process of building a sump for my 125g tank. The size of the the sump that I building is 36" x 15' tall x 16" wide. My questions is what type of glue could I use to stick all of the piece together. I've already cut all my Arcylic glass size. Any suggestion...
  9. ghettotang

    AggreSive Tank pics

    WOW that toad fish looks scary
  10. ghettotang

    My Tangs

    Those tang are awsome. Good luck with the Powder Blue Tang. I know that they are the wrose when it comes to ich, but I hope that tang live longer into your tank. Jay
  11. ghettotang

    Vacations can be destructful to this hobby!

    Sorry for your losses. You know I've been wondering why is that every time people go on vacation there tank crashed, but then if you are not on vacation it's seems that your tank is fine. I don't really have any ideas how could that happened.
  12. ghettotang

    Power Compact Question?

    I change my blue actinic bulb on my PC today, however; after I replace both bulb and plug in to test of the bulb works, but didn't turn on . So I was wondering those people who are expert on the lighting would help me out. I can't figure out what I've done wrong. Thank You Jay
  13. ghettotang

    niger trigger hiding or dead?

    Yeah I agree with sepulatian it's really hard to tell because usually niger trigger are very active. Especially if it comes to feeding time. I have one niger trigger in my 75 gallon tank and it's very very very active and swin a lot. How long have you not seen the trigger.
  14. ghettotang

    Jay's New 125g Tank Diary

    Hi people it's been a while since I update this message. I've just order my pump today. It's Mag-drive 2400gph for my 125g reef tank. My question is it okay to use this for my return pump for my sump. I'm also adding two coralife Turbo twist 9watt UV. Here is my plan. Please let me know...
  15. ghettotang

    What size Mag-Drive do you use

    I also have a question with this mag drive water pump. I have a 125 gallon tank and I was wondering if the 3600 model pump would be too much for the 125g tank. It's a ready reef tank with two drill in overflow box on both end of the tank. The reason why I was going for the 3600 model because...
  16. ghettotang

    board - pics of my 55 reef

    Originally Posted by steve24 wow, thanks everybody i have a hard time getting a good full tank shot but here is the best one i got ... and since you like color here are two more, this first is my favorite coral ... WOW That black live sand really show nice and awsome tank. It really...
  17. ghettotang

    Anemone ID?

    That very interesting Anemone.
  18. ghettotang

    Odd Coral Beauty Actions

    Just give some time for the coral beauty to settle it into new home. Most of the time when you add fish to your tank they are trying to get use to their new enviroment. As long as the CB is eating it should me fine IMOP. Jay
  19. ghettotang

    New pics today of my 75 ...LOTS of pics!

    I have a question what is the long clear thing on the back ogf the tank. I don't know if you mention or not. By the way your tank looks great Thanx Jay
  20. ghettotang corals?

    Originally Posted by BigJohnson I will buy only corals from swf 50% of the fish have ARRIVED dead. That suck because when I order the fish here mine all came alive and still a live today since I order for the past few month.