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  1. StanM3

    DIY 225 gal living room tank

    So I am probably as bad if not worse then a women when it comes to things I want. The debate is buying a 225 from a local private person or save up for the dream 300 I have always wanted. Either way, we have discussed about building a stand for the 225 out of wood and I have found a template...
  2. StanM3

    DIY 225 gal living room tank

    I have one more quick question for my upcoming build. What kind of wood would suggest. I was thinking of pine but read that to not use PF treated wood?
  3. StanM3

    More Fish

    I currently bought a 60 gallon bowfront for my wife to get warmed into the saltwater fishtank world and she loves it. I was wondering about a couple things. I want to get a couple more fish with the mind set that with her being around the tank alot we can start to hand feed the fish. I...
  4. StanM3

    DIY 225 gal living room tank

    Thank you. I do have carpentry experience and have also been checking out other ideas on various websites for ideas as well. Quick question, when you say cross supports would you go from front to back, and I was thinking about doing the cross supports every 18 inches as well. I had a previous...
  5. StanM3

    DIY 225 gal living room tank

    I was inquiring about if anyone has ever built there own stands. I have tried to find some article and/or directions although I am unable to find any. I am in the process of purchasing a 225 gal salt tank for my living room. The tank stand and canopy doesn't match the living room and was...
  6. StanM3

    GF first tank

    So I recently purchased my first home in December. Previously rented and also owned a 75 and 150 aggressive fish only tank. Got my gf feet wet with a small tank and she loves it. I am going to get at least a 225 or Bigger for living room. Any suggestions. Saw some locally on OfferUp and such...
  7. StanM3


    Thank you for having this forum and helping out us new hobbyist!