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  1. keith burn

    Heater on the blitz - water temperature 88 deg F this Morning

    Originally Posted by Bulldog123 You are the first person I have heard using three heaters. Most say two. The way to stop this problem is to use a controller like the reefkeeper or a ranco. These types of units will read the temp and shut the heater off for you. This is a very common problem...
  2. keith burn

    is this a mushroom?

    the pic is not so good but if it opens with light and closes with out it pos yes.
  3. keith burn

    Heater on the blitz - water temperature 88 deg F this Morning

    all things do that is why we need 3 of them and test them aswell.
  4. keith burn

    Heater on the blitz - water temperature 88 deg F this Morning

    you may try to go back with 3 heaters not one. it will keep the heat from going like this and adds heat to 3 sides and not just one. Look and see what the 3 smallest one thay have. Put them L/M/R side on the back.set two to the temp you like and one at 1/2 degrees lower. So no one will work 24/7...
  5. keith burn

    New 100g Tank Here

    looking good nice job!
  6. keith burn

    Heater on the blitz - water temperature 88 deg F this Morning

    Go slow in dropping the heat.It is not good to drop the temp fast. Use a fan over the tank's water it will help and put the heater back on. Find what did it 1st the fan will bring the temp down slow and you have time to see what is doing it. Question's Do you use only one heater? What size is...
  7. keith burn

    Harlequin Tusk - saw ad on CL

    Originally Posted by littlej2455 Has anyone bought a fish from craigslist? Sucess or horror stories? %% I have and it was cool got to go to see the fish 1st. A see it eat and how it looked. I got 2 blue tangs and 5 blue/green Chromis. And all the Hermit Crabs Turbo/Astrea Snail he had for $40
  8. keith burn

    Whats the best way to QT a Queen & Emperor Angel-? Medication-?

    What is the size of the fish?
  9. keith burn

    want to add a seahorse

    Originally Posted by tonynader Is it a bad idea to add a seahorse in with 2 false percs, a flame hawk, and bicolor blenny? Seahorses should only be added to a mature, cycled saltwater aquarium. A seahorse tank must have gentle to moderate currents for them to be able to feed properly. Most...
  10. keith burn

    Need some help with posting pix

    Originally Posted by KenM6155 I need to post a few questions about ID'ing a few critters with 2 pictures attached to the post. Each of the pix are about 2mb in Jpeg format. Is there a way to reduce the file size so that the pix can be uploaded to my post? Thanks!! use photobucket
  11. keith burn

    RO/DI for drinking

    Originally Posted by mkroher Do any of you use your RO/DI for drinking water? Why are the units marketed for drinking water ~$100 more than the ones I see advertised for this hobby? it is a water filter good for drinking it is the DI that you do not use for drinking just the RO
  12. keith burn

    Lighting Question

    addiction we have it, all of us and bad...
  13. keith burn

    Lighting Question

    Originally Posted by Bellabo Hello ev1: It has been awhile since I been here. Still gathering equipment for a 90 gal. reef and fish tank. Looking into buying medal halide lighting. Concerned about the heat output. My question is about L.E.D. lighting. What is the lumens comparison between...
  14. keith burn

    Wet/Dry filter

    Originally Posted by Mr.Blonde845 I need a new wet/dry filter. One that has enough area for a nice protein skimmer. I have a 125 gal proclear aquatic wet/dry filter right now. Any help on what one i should get would be appreciated. imo make it find the tank that will fit 55gal or what will...
  15. keith burn

    30 gallon setup.

    i have 2 #3 in a 30gal and all is well.but i have a boat load of l/r.
  16. keith burn

    30 gallon setup.

    imo go with #2 or #3s. the #1 is low flow for like a 10gal it may not work to have flow make it from side to side. i have 8 of them 4-#3s and 4-#4s and love them. look for the ones with the cone for the front of them in the box thay are good the put the flow in one place if you need it.some...
  17. keith burn

    Live Sand????

    imo no he will make a sand storm with it aswell. you may try to move p/w or w/flow up so it will not blow it up after he moves it.
  18. keith burn


    try a new rotors and propellers.and if you look thay have a small washer on them it may have come off.
  19. keith burn

    New 44 gallon corner tank

    Porcupine Puffer (Diodon holocanthus) QUICK STATS Minimum Tank Size: 90 gallons Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Semi-aggressive Reef Compatible: No Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025 Max. Size: 1' 6" imo not in 44gal... a sump will help in all...