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  1. danedodger

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my yellow tang died

    Yellow tangs are the hardiest of the tangs but it's all relative. They're still tangs and therefore more prone to problems such as ich than say your average goby or something.
  2. danedodger

    Need Behavior Help with Lovebird!

    Sounds like between Birdy and Mimzy you guys have it all figured out, great job!!! I can only second what's been said! The only thing I'll add is that you train ANY animal, even people , the very same way: use that big ole human brain and opposable thumb to make doing what you want the...
  3. danedodger

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my yellow tang died

    Tangs ARE easily stressed fish. There's good reason most people call them "ich magnets". It sounds like maybe some kind of transport stress/acclimation shock and/or I'd almost put money on that domino harassing him somewhat. Dominos can be nasty lil boogers.
  4. danedodger

    fraging brains and favias?...

    I'm sorry, I have no earthly idea. I'm still too big a weenie butt to cut my mushroom into bits! My reply here should be good for a bump up in any case though because I just couldn't resist... would i be able to physicaly cut off a piece of my brain Oh uhh ummmmm... if you could you're...
  5. danedodger

    Help me please

    I've often wished I started taking pictures of all the steps involved in doing my tanks and a journal and such to post online. It would be a fabulous learning tool for others!! Definitely do that and when you're some famous saltwater aquarium expert you can look back on how muddled everything...
  6. danedodger

    Help me please

    I was only taking the opportunity to tease you a bit, poke a little fun, josh know If I was actually offended I wouldn't have said anything at all!
  7. danedodger

    Help me please

    Yup Take a look at pictures of other people's set ups to get some ideas how you might like to stack the rock up. (Pssst, gender bender...I'm a mom not a "man" )
  8. danedodger

    green carpet anemone?

    My opinion is it's a bad idea. 1. Carpet anemones get BIG. 2. Yes, there is always the chance that it would eat a fish that blundered into it. 3. Keeping one alive for a year means absolutely nothing considering they seem to be nearly immortal in the wild. I'm sure having it under PC lights and...
  9. danedodger

    Purple Lobster?

    I got one several months ago because I was going to run a hypo treatment on my tanks at work which would've killed the purple lobster. So I adopted him. About 2 days after I put him in my tank I found his shell and felt sorry because he'd died. We put a snowflake eel into the tank just a few...
  10. danedodger

    Help me please

    Put your liverock on the bottom of the tank THEN put your sand in around it to help stablize your first layer. Place it far enough away from the back wall of the tank for you to fit a scrubber or something back there. For the other layers of liverock you might have to play with it a bit to...
  11. danedodger

    Help...My Tang is in bad shape

    It could be a shock/acclimation/stress problem and/or water problem. Tangs are more delicate than your average clownfish. Test your water. What are the readings?
  12. danedodger

    Help me please

    Do you mean a gold striped maroon clown or a maroon clown and yellow tang? I've never heard of a yellow clown? A lion fish may decide to eat anything that will fit into it's mouth at some point! They should be fairly ok with any fish too large for them to eat though as long as the other fish...
  13. danedodger

    Help me please

    For a 75 gallon tank you'll probably want a lot more liverock! Most recommend about 1-1.5 lbs per gallon of tank. Better lighting will help the liverock grow corraline algae, the purplish stuff that you want growing instead of nuisance algaes, but it's not necessary. If you plan on having fish...
  14. danedodger

    marron clown ?

    Maroon clowns are pretty darn big for clownfish reaching about 6" or so. Mixing clownfish is an iffy proposition at best. They don't tend to like each other much and will likely end up hurting or killing each other eventually. Pick one type of clown and get two of that type at most, put in...
  15. danedodger

    Help me please

    1. Set up the tank, water (RO/DI) at the right salinity (about 1.023-1.025), temp (78-80), filters running, etc. 2. Toss in a raw shrimp from the grocery store, exactly like the ones you'd cook up and eat. 3. Set your liverock up to cure while the tank is cycling. 4. Test the water in your...
  16. danedodger

    What on earth are these?!?!

    You have got to be Canadian! Never heard snarky cept from a canadian gal i know! Nope, sorry! Never even been closer to Canada than Missouri. I was born in Oklahoma then moved to BY GAWD Texas as fast as I could and aint never left. I've just got a good vocabulary
  17. danedodger

    Water Top Off

    In my experience the safest way to go all round is to test before you add anything, even just top off water. If the salinity is right where you want it and you add fresh water it's going to drop your salinity to some degree. So instead you'd want to add water that you've added salt to. If the...
  18. danedodger

    WTB: metal halide

    We're looking for MH lighting, prefer 400W.
  19. danedodger

    Fish limits

    Also thanks for all the comments about damsels from everything I have read they are a complete pain in the rear. I was considering them to help the tank grow but from what I have seen posted they are more of pain then anything. It all depends on what you want to do with your tank. Damsels do...
  20. danedodger

    Please help ID new fishy friend

    Do you still have your receipts? I work for our local ***** as the Aquatics Specialist (goes to show you that some of them are better than others, I hope ) ***** will take back merchandise. With your receipt you can get a full refund and without it you can still get store credit (although...