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  1. kainex

    125 AGA Tank, Stand, And canopy FS

    Have a 125 tank with red-oak stand and canopy for sale. would like to get 350.00 for everything. when I took the tank down I found the black trim around the bottom had cracked at some point. can not be seen from the front. tank is in okay condition. will need a good cleaning, dosn't have any...
  2. kainex

    5 year old 125g 70g sump fuge set-up for sale WISCONSIN

    only have tank stand canopy +lights and fuge left
  3. kainex

    1/3 hp current prime tower CHILLER

    sold for 300.00 sorry
  4. kainex

    Live Sand for Sale 1.00/lb

    have a 125 with all sand left 1.00 per pound or 125 for it all sand bed is 2/3 in deep and is from a 3/5 year old reef sand is in Neosho WI 53059. I'd rather not ship.
  5. kainex

    1/3 hp current prime tower CHILLER

    Less the a year old chiller will ship but buyer pays actual shipping, if I remember right shipping from CA was like 60 or 70. it weighs about 60 lbs I can take Paypal also. please send all questions to (yes thats a underscore in the e-mail) Price is 375 +shipping. please...
  6. kainex

    5 year old 125g 70g sump fuge set-up for sale WISCONSIN

    pumps are NOT included, all that stuff will be for sale after I go through everything and come up with a list
  7. kainex

    5 year old 125g 70g sump fuge set-up for sale WISCONSIN

    most of the livestock is gone now. but I still have most of the livesand. its about 2" deep in a 125 tank so there is a good amount of it. the fuge also has a 10"dsb but That should stay as it is. The tank is now for sale I would like to get 600 for the tank stand, canopy, and sump not included...
  8. kainex

    5 year old 125g 70g sump fuge set-up for sale WISCONSIN

    sorry no recent pics this is a bad example of what is in there now
  9. kainex

    5 year old 125g 70g sump fuge set-up for sale WISCONSIN

    I am breaking down a 125 gallon tank, and will be selling all livestock pumps , refug. chiller, coral. I will be starting by selling off live rock and coral. I have aprox. 300lbs of Live rock all in system 3/5 years. lots of coral also. mostly soft some lps and sps. I can not post pics at this...
  10. kainex

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    Just a FYI here...I bought 6 rics from him about 3 1/2 weeks ago. when the wether here was BELOW 0 overnight. (WISCONSIN)The USPS said it should be overnight, but it wasn't of course. I went in and picked them up at my local PO on day 3 at 8.00 in the morning when they opend. when I got the...
  11. kainex

    Painting glass???

    Use a Good quality Outdoor latex paint (gloss). and roller. It will look smooth from the inside and krinkeld on the outside. also put it on 4 coats. this will help with scratches and salt creep down the road.....also I Strongly reccomend BLACK. this will make LR and coraline stand...
  12. kainex

    Ricordia frag time is near!

    pm sent
  13. kainex

    2 Rio Seio M1500 Pump 1500gph

    pm sent
  14. kainex

    FINALLY, I'm moving the tank, need some help

    I see you probaly get the idea. but I'll post my expeareance anyway. I have a 120g that got a leak after about 2.5 years. I am also running a DSB in the tank so when it came time to move eveything into the new tank I obviosly had to disturb my DSB. ALL my LR and coral stayed in rubbermades for...
  15. kainex

    Breaking down a reef tank

    I would leave it outside in the sun for a few weeks, hose it off a few times with FW. that is if you only want to use it for base rock in the future. try posting it on craigslist-dot-com. in our city ANYThing saltwater related goes like hotcakes you can get some cash that way. and it's free
  16. kainex

    FS: Tunze and Seio

  17. kainex


    can you send some pics and a price to I'm in the milwaukee area and have a 125
  18. kainex

    My DIY sump is falling apart!

    biggest thing is to make sure its says 100% silacone on it somewhere. then you know you got the right stuff
  19. kainex

    Icecap 660 + wiring + endcaps

  20. kainex

    VHO Retrofit for sale

    I will give you 150.00 INCL. shipping to 53066 via Paypal if you would like...e-mail me at