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    How can i get rid of stomatella snails?

    CUC = Clean Up Crew Having test kits for at least the basic parameters is always a good idea. But like PEZenfuego said, stomatella snails are a good thing to have.
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    New Purchase =)

    Ooo... very nice!
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    Newbie here

    Originally Posted by renogaw if anything, the added moisture in the air should help... it's flu season hehe, that's what i'd look at first. +1
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    Bristleworms are good detritus eaters. I'd keep him.
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    New here

    Here's a list that one of the boards long time members, Beth, put together.... AC=Activated Carbon, or Alternating Current owners AFM=Aquarium Fish Monthly, magazine ALK=Alkalinity, measure of buffering capacity of water BB=Bulletin Board BOD=Biological oxygen demand...
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    New fish--I think I have a new favorite

    Fairy wrasses are my favorite too. Good luck!
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    I'm undecided about snails. Id like to hear some input and thoughts.

    Sounds like a good plan. Good luck!
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    Cleaner Clams

    Originally Posted by meowzer My nitrates have always been I can't say there is a difference or not sorry No problem. I was just curious. Besides, like you said, for the price, why not? The local marine club I belong to is doing a group buy, so I might join in on that and...
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    I'm undecided about snails. Id like to hear some input and thoughts.

    Originally Posted by King_Neptune I dont want a massive cleanup crew as I believe that is not only a waste, but they over polute the tank. That is why I have chosen a small amount to do the job. I am open to the idea of multiple types of snails. What would you consider to be a good amount of...
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    New here

    First of all, welcome to!! You've already made one of the best decisions you can in this hobby... research before you buy. Doing that will save you lots of money and heartache in the long run. I don't live in Oregon, so I can't help with the LFS question, but you might also consider...
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    Holy Aiptasia!!

    Originally Posted by Salt Life not always, I have a huge one in my nano tank and it hasn't spread, just gets bigger. but it is personal choice if you really don't like them. that one looks nice though so if it dont spread let it be or not. Personally, I don't care for the way they look and...
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    New baby

    Very cute!
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    Cleaner Clams

    Thanks for the replies. meowzer - Have you noticed any positive changes in your tank since adding them? Have they helped lower your nitrates?
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    My new trio

    Oooo... very nice. Good luck!
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    Holy Aiptasia!!

    Wow, that is a big one. I can't blame you for wanting to zap it... one almost always turns into more.
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    Geraldo Rivera

    I never could stand the man. I've always thought he was an idiot.
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    I'm undecided about snails. Id like to hear some input and thoughts.

    Boring or not, I think snails provide an invaluable service as part of your cleanup crew. A good mixture of different types will help you keep your tank in good shape. Here's a list of my favorite snails and what they eat. Nassarius - Detritus, uneaten food, decaying organics, and fish waste...
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    Cleaner Clams

    I was browsing through's invertebrates and came across the cleaner clams. The description doesn't say too much other than that they are filter feeders and help lower nitrates. Has anyone had any experience keeping them? Would a 14 gallon nano be an acceptable home for one? More...
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    What is this?

    Originally Posted by OleMiss engineer goby +1 Looks like an adult fish, based on the vertical markings and size. As a juvenile, the markings are horizonal, running down the length of their body. It's a burrowing fish, so I hope your 125 DT has a sand bed rather than bare bottom or crushed...