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  1. 05xrunner

    Tetra tanks.. Tempered or not???

    I just bought one to setup my system a few weeks ago..i got a 40B though and only the bottom was tempered with a sticker. I drilled a hole in the back just fine. I dont know if the 55's are the same
  2. 05xrunner

    Which ACAN.....

  3. 05xrunner

    Which ACAN.....

    been a long time since I was on here...hre are som acans I had in my days yo help with some colors
  4. 05xrunner

    I got a new little toy today ;)

    its a POS Canon S2IS P&S
  5. 05xrunner

    I think i'm ready

    Originally Posted by lil.guppy Then go find another board that fits your "know it all" needs have fun with your green tank
  6. 05xrunner

    I think i'm ready

    I stick with what i said...I personally feel people make this hobby out to be much harder then it really is..mainly because I think it makes them feel a bit more high and mighty like.."I can Keep saltwater...I am the best" This site isnt very useful post count was from over ayear...
  7. 05xrunner

    I think i'm ready

    MY do ANY of you actually have ANYTHING in your tank other then water..Cycle cycle cycle is all I ever here..after 2months..the STUPID TANK IS CYCLED...It does NOT take as long as some of these PEOPLE make it out to be and its really really annoying. Personally DO NOT go by...
  8. 05xrunner


    Originally Posted by salt210 05, what are those supplementing? looks like I see corals in there they are not supplementing anything. They are just moonlights. my normal daylights is a Tek 4x24 with blue+ aquascience 22k Aquascience 15k special blue+ yes there is alot of corals in there..mainly...
  9. 05xrunner

    I got a new little toy today ;)

    with all his other buddies
  10. 05xrunner

    new red planet and Blue Acro

    This is for the know it alls who said ohhh thats in bad shape blahh blahh. Before After starting to get its green back
  11. 05xrunner

    fluorscent green anemone

    i got a pair of true percs that host the nem now and a Yellow eye kole tang..I know I am gonna take some flack for that but its happy in the tank..also I dont have those Hydors anymore..I have a Vortech MP20 my tank is a perfecto 30Breeder its 30x18x12
  12. 05xrunner

    fluorscent green anemone

    here is my green bubble tip...Personally I think they are nicer then the rose ones
  13. 05xrunner

    I Am New At This Hobby But Here Are A Few Pics Of My Tank

    looks like you are a little low on water
  14. 05xrunner

    green cyano? or something else

    are you dosing Vodka at all? People have reported getting green/dark cyno when dosing. if its like snotty mat and pulls right off then i would say its cyno
  15. 05xrunner

    Please Show Me Your Tank Stands

    this was for my 30Breeder...cost me about 45bucks
  16. 05xrunner

    What are the odds?...disappointed w/Koralia

    sure maybe it wasnt seated right..take apart and put it back together. I have had 2 #4, 3 nanos, and 2 #1's and i have never had a problem with any of them.
  17. 05xrunner

    Whats the bulb life for a 250W HQI/MH???

    start to lose its color and if you notice all of a sudden alot more algae is growing.
  18. 05xrunner

    Vodka Dosing.

    actually I dont feed my corals anything...they eat all the extra poop my fish are doing by feeding them more..I feed mysis now when i get home from work..a small pinch of flake little later and a little more mysis before bed..i dont over feed because I will not put in more then the fish can eat...
  19. 05xrunner

    Vodka Dosing.

    I would say since you are feeding alot more while dosing vodka..the corals are now looking for food more often since they get it more and extend more..but who actually really knows why they do anything they do
  20. 05xrunner

    What can I keep?

    what is the actual fixture..and what bulbs are you running..2 BIG important things if you can have sps or not