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  1. dolphinbrz

    Can you put critters you find in the ocean in your tank?

    we have hermets and snails and a few stars from the ocean and they are doing fine ,we just made sure the salinity and the temp was the same , but we also got those before we ever had store bought fish in our tank but now they all live togeather and are doing great . is it illegal to take things...
  2. dolphinbrz

    hey lion_crazz I'm back

    hey lion_crazz its been a while i had lost all my fish back in november i think it was ,but anyway thanks for all your help and we set our tank back up and it is doing great we haven't had any more problems ,our fish are doing great ,we did take down the 39 tall we had so we just have the 30 set...
  3. dolphinbrz

    College Football 2004

    :cheer: :cheer: Go VOLS :cheer: :cheer: Nov 6 we shall see Dwarf lion:)