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  1. morales67

    Why we needed AZ immigration law 1070 in AZ

    Originally Posted by bionicarm I guess Arizona can do with them like the drug cartels are doing to their citizens in the towns along the Mexico border - shoot them, decapitate them, and hang their heads on a stick along the US/Mexico border. Let a few illegals see that right after they cross...
  2. morales67

    Leaving the hobby

    Bang guy you've been around for as long as I've known saltwaterfish (found the site when I was in middle school, now in college.) Hopefully you will be back because leaving the hobby is like 1st phase the the site is like the following phase...
  3. morales67

    baby rabbits

    dont know about the age, but the rabbit itself is VERY small. don't even know what kind it is. i've never seen rabbits this small before. but i;m definatly worried its not getting enough nutrition. we may have to return it to its mother for a while.(which by the way i haven't seen so no idea...
  4. morales67

    baby rabbits

    Hi everyone. My uncles rabbits had babies and we get to have one. But since its a baby we have no idea how to take care of it. Our main concern is nutrition. What and when should we feed it. We are unsure if it will even eat yet. We tried vegetables fruits and pellets but maybe it just needs the...
  5. morales67

    finally happening!!!! help!!!

    shes still going, but it seems that the male has lost interrest, i think because she takes very long pauses. Does anyone think i should take out the other angels?
  6. morales67

    finally happening!!!! help!!!

    So i get home from school today, and look into my (freshwater) aquarium, guess what i find? ANGELFISH LAYING EGGS!!!!!!!! finally after waiing so long my angelfish finally spawn!!!I'm so excited but so confused about what i should do? It doesnt seem to be going very well. while the femail lays...
  7. morales67

    Bad Freshwater problem

    Actually, my room is dark, even throughout the day. I did try proclear but wasn't very patient with it. I am tring it again tho. Reason I ended up with so many angels is cus they(except for the 5 one, couldn't resist) was that they were gifts from my grandparents. No Buffers. Ph is fine,Amonia...
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    Bad Freshwater problem

    Hi everyone. I have been having a pretty ugly problem in my freshwater aquarium. The problem is that my water LITERALLY turns clowdy and green withinonly a week after I change ALL of the water. This first started a month ago when I was doing a regular 2 week 30%water change. After 3 days of this...
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    Sweet deal.

    Thought I should share this with someone. I went to the fish section at walmart ( to see if i could rescue any "dead" fish and noticed an albino catfish in the 28 cent goldfish tank, so I looked some more and saw som other goldfish that were not really goldfish. There was an albino catfish, and...
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    hello everyone. I recently acquired 2 used eclipse aquariums . i was wondering if there was anything that i had to worry about before setting them up. I know some people on these boards are kind of afraid of copper in used aquariums. I cleaned the saltwater aquarium and it looks like new...
  11. morales67

    crushed coral

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering what the purpose of crushed coral is. does it have anything to do with salt levels?
  12. morales67

    unexpected accident

    YES i got it!! since i was left with no net and i couldn't stand watching it drag around 1" and 1/2" pieces of net, I stuck in my hand and chased it down. i observed the reason the net wouldn't just slip off and turned out that its fins have small barbs on the side, so i worked with it and after...
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    unexpected accident

    there is net still on 2 of its fins. should i just keep trying to cut it off?
  14. morales67

    unexpected accident

    A few weeks ago, i went to california and hade vto move my aquarium dounstairs because it gets too hot upstairs. Unfortunately, yesterday, as I was moving it all back, and I was netting and bagging each fish, the last fish got stuck in the net. I couldn't pull its fins out, and my mom had to...
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    ok, so i really like these sebea monos but dont know much about them. this lfs had the 2 monos in a freshwater aquarium, but ive always seen them in saltwater or brackish water environments. this really confuses me. the person at the lfs told me to use regular aquarium salt, not the kind of salt...
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    Pet peeves

    Originally Posted by Ice4Ice THE biggest pet peeve is people not using turn signal before turning. good point, I can't stand when people call their mp3 players ipods. An ipod is an mp3 player, an mp3 player is not an ipod!
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    Also, the angelfish have all stopped grazing for food, and one also twitches every once in a while, but i see no spots
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    It is a 20 gallon 1 pictus cat, 2 weeks, shows no visible signs of any erosion 2 angelfish, 2 weeks, both have major erosion on fins, one on its side (these and the catfish were a present) 2 other angelfish, 4 months, one has slight erosion on its fins, other has no visible erosion I have never...
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    I need some help. today saw some erosion on my fish in my freshwater aquarium. the fish still eat and seem okay. im thinking that it might be caused from the ph, but do not know. i cannot test because all of my equipment is at my other house with my brackish aquarium. please help.
  20. morales67

    flounders at WM???

    Hi everyone. A few days ago, I was at Walmart an d went to the pets section, to where the fish were. I was looking around and I ,noticed something flat on the side of the tank and noticed it was a flounder!I looked around some more and there were many!! I always thought that these were...