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  1. jen14

    SAW the movie

    I thought the actors we terrible as well, but I loved the ending, I had no clue.
  2. jen14

    Luna Aqualights Lights

    Thank you for your reply.:joy: You guys are always helpfull
  3. jen14

    Luna Aqualights Lights

  4. jen14

    Luna Aqualights Lights

    Hello, I was thinking about getting this Lunar Aqualight 2x65W / 2 Blue-Moon (Coralife). It comes with a 65 watt 10,000K and 65 watt True Actinic 03 Blue straight pin base compact fluorescent lamps and Two 3/4 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED lamps. Is this suffictant lighting for a 29g tank. right...
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    I was at my LFS yesterday and they had two floating in hamsterballs, I had never seen that before and thought it was kind of funny. (I was wondering why they were floating in the hamsterballs, now I know )
  6. jen14

    Chicago 2X96W PC w/3 mnlights

    Alright im at work right now let me make sure it will fit and that its ok with the fiance, Ill get back to you a little later. Oh I live close to the brookfield zoo so its sort of far.
  7. jen14

    Chicago 2X96W PC w/3 mnlights

    Im Interested where in chicago do you live
  8. jen14

    Local Fish stores around Chicago western suburbs.

    Around what areas I have a few, but need to know how far you want to go.:)
  9. jen14

    Lights....Please Help

    I have been trying to understand this whole light thing for a long time and Im getting fustrated so lets see if I got it. I have the eclipse 3 hood so those lights pluse CL 18" 96w Aqualight Fluorescent Aquarium Retrofit Kit would that work for LR anenomes and some soft corals
  10. jen14

    Eclipse Lights

    I would like to uprade my lights, but am so confushed on what I need, I would like to house soft corals eventually, right now I just have LR (my tank is still cyling). I already upgraded my filter (dont even use the one that came on the tank. Anyway I have a 29g. What are those retrofit kits...
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    ok thanks, I will try to get a picture tonight Im at work right now. I hope thier "FRIENDLY"
  12. jen14


    Hi everyone. Last night I went and purched 15lbs of LR, and when i got home and set it in my tank How i wanted it, a few hours later these feather looking things were coming out of holes in the rock, their bown on color and when I walk by the tank they suck real fast back into the rock are...
  13. jen14

    Newbie question

    Hi everyone, I am new to the saltwater hobbie. I have had freswater aquiariums for 15years and decided to change. My fiance bought me a 29g starter kit eclispe tank for christmas and the impression that I got is this is not a good thing. Is there any thing I can do make this tank a little...