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  1. aquaguy24

    RedFin WaspFish????

    LOL no I might wait for a more brighter one. They have a pretty awesome painted angler but kinda pricey.
  2. aquaguy24

    RedFin WaspFish????

    Someone bought one of the two. The $60 one is left.
  3. aquaguy24

    Coral v. Reef??? ... Quick question

    Originally Posted by mkroher Um... I think reef is the total environment, and corals are just a part of it. I understand "reef safe", to be safe for coral and inverts. "coral safe".. maybe the specimen won't bother the coral, but might attack inverts? Just a guess Pretty good guess.
  4. aquaguy24

    sps help

    Nice frag. It looks okay to me. Just give it time.
  5. aquaguy24

    my new skimmer is bigger than my 29 gallons

    Any pics of the skimmer installed.
  6. aquaguy24

    Does the diatom bloom come before or after the ammonia spike?

    Sounds like ur cycle is about done. Everything seems normal. Ur scattered ammonia is prolly from bacteria tryn to catch up with all the ghost feeding ur doing. I would stop ghost feeding. Take ur water to ur lfs just to double check. I thnk ur bout ready for some snails and maybe a couple...
  7. aquaguy24

    my fire shrimp is quite personable

    Chemicals from corals, stuff on live rocks, etc.....these things can irritate or harm u but not everyone. Some ppl have thicker, not so sensetive skin i guess. I always have my hand in my tanks when cleaning or feeding and many other reasons. I've never had a problem. I've also had my shrimp...
  8. aquaguy24

    sps help

    Wat do u have for flow. If its not bleaching or loosing color I wouldn't worry, give it time.
  9. aquaguy24

    sps help

    how old is the tank. I would have started the light aclimation with the sps at the bottom of the tank untill it looks happy then slowly up every time it looks happy again(full PE). Wat else is in the tank. Give it some time spa usually take a month to fully aclimate and start growing.
  10. aquaguy24

    Yellow Tang with HLLE and bacterial infection

    If the scares are to severe or deep it will leave marks but should make a come if fed right. U can turn off pumps when feeding. So it doesnt go in the overflow boxw
  11. aquaguy24

    24g Aquapod vs 29g Biocube

    Oh 5g? I thought u said 29g. Well Inverts are more sensitive to things like nitrates so make sure u keep water parameters in check.
  12. aquaguy24

    New Lionfish won't eat

    At least yr getting a feeding response so that's a good sign. Ask yr lfs if they carry live ghost shrimp or guppies. They should go for around 10-15 for $1. Feeding with lights off or beginning of photoperiod works for me. Like Cranberry said when it starts to eat try dead or frozen shrimp or...
  13. aquaguy24

    24g Aquapod vs 29g Biocube

    I don't see y u can't have a tiger pistol shrimp in there. They just like to dig all day. Just make sure yr rock r touching the bottom glass and notsitting on top of the sand or u can have a landslide. Pair it up with a nice shrimp goby. Check some of the wysiwyg sites. They always have pairs...
  14. aquaguy24

    Aggressive nano....

    update is I sold my 24g aquapod today for a bottle of hennessy vsop.
  15. aquaguy24

    Can anyone tell me about Red Blastos?

    They are very slow growers so feeding mysis or cyclopeze should help but not needed. I don't feed mine anything and itsbdoing well. U can place them next to other corals like zoa with no problem. Very peacefull coral. I got my colony of 15 heads or so for $35. They sometime expensivebcuz they...
  16. aquaguy24

    RedFin WaspFish????

    Yes still there... I'm thinkin twice about them cuz of their color plus I'm going to Yosemite this weekend. If I do get them I'll get both.
  17. aquaguy24

    Anyone know where to find pygmy angler/frog fish?

    Got the one in my avatar from my lfs. But u have to keep checking all the wysiwyg sites. There's some forsale at B.ZOO.
  18. aquaguy24

    Cauliflower Coral Feed

    When I had mine I never fed anything and it was pretty healthy.
  19. aquaguy24

    My 55 Gallon Tank

    Y waste ur money on all the freshwater stuff. Just slowly buy the saltwater stuff or save up untill u have enough to start a sawltwater tank. JMO.
  20. aquaguy24

    Playstation 3 questions.

    They said they were gonna drop the price in April but they dropped the ps2 instead. I was waiting for my $100 rebate that didn't happened. Cuz I got mine from target which has a 3 month price protection. Where u get the difference if the price drop on the system u buy. I'm sure they will drop it...