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  1. briand7878

    New random frag shots

    I didn't hit the paper clip on the post page. What I thought you had to do was select the image url for forums on the photobucket site and then paste it the message body. Thanks for posting the pics for me though.,
  2. briand7878

    New random frag shots

    I got some new frags the other day. Hope they turned out ok. Can someone tell me why when I click the IMG for forums in photobucket why the pics dont show up.
  3. briand7878

    Finally back, 125 completed build.

    Thank you everyone, I have a couple of fish in there already. They are doing great but they are a little shy.
  4. briand7878

    Finally back, 125 completed build.

    Well this is the only way I could get these pics to post. Not sure what the problem is.
  5. briand7878

    Finally back, 125 completed build.

    I cant figure out how to post them. Im working on it.
  6. briand7878

    Finally back, 125 completed build.

    I have finally come back to saltwater after a couple of years away. I decided to build my own stand and my own led lights. I have a few tweaks left but here is what I have done so far. I drilled it and added a glass holes over flow, and did my own boot leg plumbing. The tank, sand, and...
  7. briand7878

    Jags/Colts Game

    Go Colts!! woo hoo
  8. briand7878

    Which halide bulb?

    When i initially got my halides i went with 12k xm bulbs. They were extremely blue but i liked the way it looked. I eventually went with ushio 10k bulbs and have been very happy with those. I get great growth with them. I dont think you could go wrong with either choice though. Good luck.
  9. briand7878

    For my Motorcycle Peeps . . .

    Here was my baby. I did a few mods and loved taking her to the drag strip. I was never brave enough to do your kind of racing.
  10. briand7878

    Getting ready to start Vodka dosing

    How much would you dose for a 220 gallon tank? All the numbers that I have seen are kinda confusing.
  11. briand7878

    Faces to Names

    Me last week, at village beside the Euphrates river in Baghdad.
  12. briand7878

    some may be interested

    I completely agree with Beck. I think Obama is the worst president this country has ever seen. And as posted above freedom of speech is a great thing. If somone does not like what they see then change the channel. If Obama has his way the fairness doctrine will take care of our freedoms.
  13. briand7878

    Man code?

    I am living your drama right now. Get the official ok first, I didn't and now my good friend and I don't talk. Just because you think its a booty call doesn't mean that it wont turn into something like mine did. Now I have a great girl but a bad friendship.
  14. briand7878

    Nikon D40

    I had a D40 and it took excellent pics. The only down side to it is that it does not have an internal motor to move the lenses. You will have to buy lenses with motors in them. I would save a little more and go for the next step up. I was thinking nikon came out with a new one with the motor...
  15. briand7878


    I dont know why tap water would kill your fish. Thats all I add to my tank. When I was using RO water I was getting algae like mad. Tap water does the trick for me. Good luck either way. My fish and corals are thriving.
  16. briand7878

    Vlamingi Tang

    I kept one in my 125 for about a year. It didnt grow at all for about 6 months. The next 6 months it was unstoppable. That sucker was a growing machine. I upgraded my tank to a 220 just for that stupid fish. He showed me his gratitude by jumping out and dying about 2 months later.
  17. briand7878

    I'm getting shocked when I test my water

    If I were you I would use a volt reader. Take a reading with what you have plugged in. Unplug your pump and see if it changes. I was getting shocked one time because my light cord was getting in the water and I didnt see it.
  18. briand7878

    Teaching the puffer to spit water when being fed Video!

    I get home august 29th and cant wait. Upload those pics im curious to see what your tank looks like.
  19. briand7878

    Teaching the puffer to spit water when being fed Video!

    JJ, its time for some full tank shots.
  20. briand7878

    What overflow pump do I need? I cant remember.

    Ok, sounds good and thanks for your help.