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    no one seemed rude you guys just seemed to be butting heads
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    my o/f box has that lil divider in the back. the hose I shortened was the one that went from the box down to the sump. it seems to have worked I just spent the last hour sucking water off of the floor and measuring the water level with a tape measure. all of the info was appreciated. simmer...
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    the sump tank doesn't overflow if the power goes out. I'm goin to shorten the hose right now. wish me luck
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    here are the pics, I'm thinkin if I shorten the hose in between the overflow and the sump it may solve the problem. sorry if the sizes are funky it took a bit to get them to spec.
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    the u tube didn't lose suction, I guess it wasn't suckin fast enough. honestly not sure what the overflow is rated for I got it secondhand. I have a rio 1700 as the return pump.
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    I do have a hang on overflow. thanx for the info I'll see what they say. any other ideas are welcome
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    hey guys I'll keep it brief. I've got a 55 reef tank with a 30 gallon sump. I had the flow set up perfectly for the past few months. However this morning I went to look at the tank and it had overflowed!!! (I did a water change yesterday) Aside from sitting in front of my tank and...
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    I love my new wave maker thing!!

    could you post a pic?
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    clownfish death??

    I had a pair of percs in my 55 reef for over a year. they never breed but the were always together and both hosted my colt coral. a few days ago the smaller clown died. the other one looks ok. they weren't eating well and I unfortunately caught it too late. What should I do the surviving...
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    survival rate??

    not worried just feel bad for the animals and was curious
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    survival rate??

    I already contacted them they told me to receive the order and inform them what, if anything survived and they will replace it
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    survival rate??

    hey guys just a quick question I ordered a bunch of hermits and snails. they shipped out on friday morning a lil after 9am according to fedex. there was an ice storm in memphis and that is where my order sits.(btw I live in NY) Fedex told me that it won't arrive till monday. any chance that...
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    Too many fish?

    hey guys I was just wondering if I have too many fish? stock list: 2 true perculas (had them for about a year) lemonpeel angel (also about a year old) lawnmower blenny spotted goby 6 line wrasse blue tang about an inch long( still a baby) tank is a 55, with about 70-80lbs of liverock, 4 or 5...
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    clown fish hosts

    mine host in my colt coral. haven't seen any affects on the coral at all. both are doing great!
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    Busted Jbj 24 Dx Pic

    gee thanks for making feel even more confident about my tank
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    Busted Jbj 24 Dx Pic

    how well do the 12gs hold up? I've had one up and running since January of this year. No signs of cracking. this thread has me a bit worried though. I have a 20g regular glass tank setup with just snails and hermits in it. Should I just make the switch or leave it and hope it's ok? Sorry to...
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    how old do clowns have to be to spawn??

    I know that may sound silly but I have a pair of ocellaris clowns in a 12g reef tank. Tanks been running for a while everything is stable. the clowns are about a inch maybe an inch and a half long get along great. recently I've noticed one of them vanishing, I freaked the first time it...
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    Upgrading tank: all new water?

    not too hijack your thread, but what if you need to transfer everything? livestock included. and you can't set up a temporary tank?
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    Coraline Algae on Acryllic Tank

    kent makes a scrapper designed for acrylic tanks. as for the bow front you have to go sideways with the scrapper. turn it horizontal and scrape left to right or right to left however you wish. it'll work. you'll get wet but your tank will get clean
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    Most bang for your buck?

    depending on what you want to put in the tank it could go either way but the jbj would most likely come out cheaper