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  1. fatcats

    sick frag?

    I got a 1in sps frag from a freind about a month ago.I cant really identify it cause he wasnt sure what it was. He was doing alrigh until a few days ago i noticed some white edges around the bottom. I have 2x150w MH on eight hours with 4xT5 bulbs on 11 hours. My levels are all good and I have...
  2. fatcats

    overflow and return

    hey there ' my overflow is rated for 600gph i was wondering if a 950 return pump would be to much, little, or just enough. Its about 4ft from pump to tank and ill use flexiable tubing with only one 90 degree angel and that will be the return in the tank Thanks for all the advice
  3. fatcats

    MH causing bubbles

    ive had my 2 150 MH on my tank but i havent used them( also came with some t5) but now that i have corals i turned them on and they it looked like my tank was covered in bubbles when i came home. Whats up with that? Also whats a good way to cut back on diatoms? Thanks
  4. fatcats


    a 10 gal fuge is good for pods and all but it wont do anything to get your nitrates in check. In order to be effective they need to be at least half the size of the tank so 90gal.
  5. fatcats

    Tomato Clown + Flame Angel?

    I have a fairly large female tomato clown in a 95gal tank and I just bought a beautiful flame angel yesterday. It is currently in the QT but I was wondering if the Tomato Clown may bully the flame for a little or what? Thanks
  6. fatcats

    I want to clean up my act

    what about this or is this over kill 20 blue hermits 25 cerith snails 20 nassarius snails 20 turbos snails
  7. fatcats

    I want to clean up my act

    Hello, Ive finally got some money and i want to get my 95 salt water tank cleaned. Its got lots of brown algae and the few hermit i have arent enough to keep up. I have close to $100 i want to spend on a cleaning crew. Now my question is if i should buy one of the prepared cleaner crews from...
  8. fatcats

    How to add another clownfish

    I had a mating pair of tomato clowns and the male died a few months ago. (the babies were real nice) I was wondering one, if i can add another tomato clownfish and two, how i would do it so she doesnt kill the new addition.
  9. fatcats

    Bad advice from LFS store

    hey marine could you post the name of the LFS if you dont want to could you email it im from nova and i have had some nightmeres with LFs
  10. fatcats

    What is feeding my CYANO!!!!

    oh and always use ro/di water that has been freshly brewed
  11. fatcats

    What is feeding my CYANO!!!!

    first off id get rid of the wheel part of the bio wheel they only harbor bad bacteria and nitrates second do 20% water change and leave the lights out for two days and dont feed them either, they should be fine turn the lights back on for a few hours a day for a week or two next clean the rocks...
  12. fatcats

    Why all this algea

    2 chromis 1 yellow tang 1 clown fish ( i know my tank isnt over stocked) twice a day feedings with dried seaweed once every 2 days
  13. fatcats

    Why all this algea

    4x54 t5 with 2 150w mh 10-12hr/day all my parameters are close to or at zero ph around 8.1 temp 78f
  14. fatcats

    Why all this algea

    Ive been at this for a while and i still have algea in my tank. IT has a skimmer and a mechanical filtration. But i cant get rid of this brown algae taht just sits on the rocks. Ive been doing 5gal changes with Ro/di water for about a month and a half now and it goes away for a day or two but...
  15. fatcats

    Orange Sun Coral

    yeah im not sure, ive never kept one, but dont they need to be hand feed?
  16. fatcats

    Salt Creep, where do I put it?

    I would never add salt back into the display tank its just a natural unavoidable part of fish tanks but one shouldnt put it back in DTs undissolved salt can burn the gills of fish and coral just buy new salt its cheap
  17. fatcats

    UV Sterilizer question

    i agree with the previous post that they are bad because they kill indiscriminantly but i dont agree that they have no place on a display tank. I would keep a one inline attached to a sump and use it maybe once or twice a month or when you have a breakout i have not had a single infection in my...
  18. fatcats

    Filtration/plumbing ?

    idk the dimensions of a 150 how tall is it and how far will the sump be from the return?
  19. fatcats

    Urgent Leak!!!

    no not an overflow issue found little beads of water at one place and every where else was dry would like a homedepot kind of silicon work
  20. fatcats

    Urgent Leak!!!

    So i just discovered that my protien skimmer was leaking some where because it leak all over my power cords and i could smell that plastic burning smell, luckly nothing expensive was destroyed. I think the leak is coming from the seal of the protien skimmer and it doesnt leak if the pump isnt...