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  1. standish

    Whats my tank doing now?

    Well, just chock my up as the next person to leave this site. SeeYa!
  2. standish

    Whats my tank doing now?

    Hiddenicon - We have explained this to you and given you resources to help you find more information, and you still keep asking the same questions. Either you are a troll, or you have not bothered to read anything we have already repeatedly stated. If there is something in particular you do not...
  3. standish

    Silicate source?

    Well, the only reason I brought it up, is that diatoms usually tend to follow the cycle. If you are sure your sand is 100% aragonite, then I don't know where silicates would be entering the picture either. :notsure: Perhaps a fighting conch might be a good addition.
  4. standish

    Silicate source?

    By any chance did you stir up a mini-cycle when you moved your tank?
  5. standish

    29 gal set-up -- PLEASE HELP

    Opinion #10,001 :D You may continue to use your current filter for saltwater. For a FOWLR, a skimmer isn't actually necessary. It's a good idea to have one, but not a must. Live rock can provide alot of bio-filtration. I suggest you shoot for about 1.5 lbs. per gallon. I agree with whoever told...
  6. standish

    First timer

    I would say that sounds like a good list with the exception of the tang. Tangs are sensitive fish and not for beginners. However, if you stock slowly and add the tang last, you'll probably do OK with it. Start with the clowns, then the cardinal, then the royal gramma. By the time your tank has...
  7. standish

    Moving House

    Obviously alot would depend on the size of the tank. But...people move their tanks all the time. You can't move it filled though. The inhabitants and rocks and whatever else needs to be transported seperately (like in buckets or rubbermaids). Save as much of your tank water as possible to refill...
  8. standish

    Job Description.....Happy????????

    Sorry, I disagree. Your job is where you go to earn money to pay your bills. It is not your life, nor is it who you are. Just my opinion. :)
  9. standish

    Bio-load Question

    Most often, inverts will not enough to the bio-load to be concerned about. For hermits, I recommend scarlets. They are the least aggressive. Make sure to provide extra shells or they will kill your snails to get theirs. How many fish depends on what kind of fish you want. The general rule of...
  10. standish

    1 more thing about a qt?

    :notsure: I guess it depends on how big it is when you get it. If it's only 2-3" or so, it'll probably be OK for a while in something like 29g. Although, the bigger, the better :D (The tank, I mean. Not the fish.)
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    Highspeed internet/DSL

    Go cable high-speed instead. Faster. Easier.
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    With that list I'd say you have more than 40" of fish (as adults). Overstock is an understatement. Unless you are planning a major upgrade, that hippo tang is not going to be happy in there for too long.
  13. standish

    Just wondering

    I guess if it were a wild-caught fish, it may still know how to survive. An aqua-cultured fish probably wouldn't have a prayer. And in any case, it is illegal to release your fish into the ocean.
  14. standish

    How long do i wait to put in the fish

    Patience and research are the two things you need most to be successful in this hobby. Don't learn this the hard way.
  15. standish

    How long do i wait to put in the fish

    Yes, with the shrimp. I also recommend you purchase your test kits and consider this book: "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Fenner. It will give a good basic foundation for you. And keep reading this message board while you are waiting through your cycle and maybe start planning a stocking...
  16. standish

    How long do i wait to put in the fish

    Yes, it will. It will be broken down into nitrites and then further to nitrates. Both ammonia and nitrites are toxic and should never be present in an established tank. Nitrates can be anything under 40 (the closer to 0 the better). Once your tank has finished cycling, the bacteria will keep the...
  17. standish

    How long do i wait to put in the fish

    Because you need to build up a beneficial bacterial colony in order to process the fish waste in your tank. You need to use the ammonia to get that started growing.
  18. standish

    How long do i wait to put in the fish

    Cycling refers to the nitrogen cycle. This must be established in order for your tank to handle the bio-load of fish waste. To begin your cycle you need to provide a source of ammonia. You can use uncured live rock for this or simply throw a raw cocktail shrimp (from the supermarket) in there...
  19. standish

    Cleaning Crew Help

    I'd say about a handful each of scarlet hermits, turbo snails, cerith snails, nassarius snails. Also maybe a peppermint or scarlet cleaner shrimp. I like to start on the conservative side with cleaner-uppers. If you start with too many, they may not get enough to eat. If they aren't getting the...
  20. standish

    10 Gallon tank Question

    If you're going to have clowns, I suggest either true or false percs. The other varieties are going to be cramped in a 10g. Other ideas: a neon or clown goby :thinking: