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  1. red tiger

    Reef tank lighting?

    T5 are good starter light set ups, their not so expensive to start but must replace bulbs every 10-12 months. I am using two Kessil 350W fixtures over my tank, their a bit expensive and 399 a piece but they are dimable and can adjust the color temp between 6500k up to 20000k Also the LED's add...
  2. red tiger

    Sharing my little reef

    Im gonna take a video with my Kessil so you can see how they act!
  3. red tiger

    Help with a rebuild!

    Kessil rule! and how do you figure you need lots of them??? For a few bucks more the 350W which is a 90w wide lens is the way to go. It has the 2 channels so you can tune the color you want. In addition they have UV light so i don't see how you can go wrong, plus they take a beating.
  4. red tiger

    Phosguard, Phosban, or Phosphate eliminator

    **Update** I started to use Phosguard on a BioCube that i can't use my reactor in, Any advice? I placed it in a media sock in the Middle chamber, will test on friday for phosphate level, usually .22 to .29 phosphate level (Hanna Tester)
  5. red tiger

    Seachem Kalkwasser

    For now, I'll do a DIY Kalk Drip using a air valve and do a drip every 3-4 Sec, Test and monitor pH and see how that goes
  6. red tiger

    Seachem Kalkwasser

    Someone mentioned calcium reactor, but the startup cost is expensive, adding limewater seems a more inexpensive alternative
  7. red tiger

    Seachem Kalkwasser

    I haven't yet, That's why i wanna know what you guys have experienced. This will be going in my 40g breeder frag tank with 29g sump. Total volume about 55 g
  8. red tiger

    Which is better?

    Tell us more of your system and inhabitants?
  9. red tiger

    Seachem Kalkwasser

    Yes i have tested, i do 25% WC weekly on Friday's using reef crystals and by Tue/Wed my levels are very low, as of today my paramaters are: Calcium @ 350 dKH @ 8.1 Mag @ 1150 pH @ 8.1 Is there something i can buy that doses it that works or just DIY canister with air valve and air tubing?
  10. red tiger

    Seachem Kalkwasser

    Hi! I want to start using Seachem Kalkwasser but not 100% sure on how to use. It MUST be dripped only correct? Or can only be used in Kalk Reactor? I have a Euphillya tank that is very thirsty and think Kalk may help.
  11. red tiger

    Chinese LED fixture: initial review and thoughts

    Looks good! What brand is this chinese brand?
  12. red tiger

    In dire need of an Expert!

    Quote: Originally Posted by MikeFights13 Thanks any help will be awesome, If I can't get this right soon I'll be getting outta the hobby, I bought the live rock from a guy off of craigslist, he told me to put it in my tank and let the sump run for a month and everything would be fine, was this...
  13. red tiger

    In dire need of an Expert!

    I am sorry for your loss. I am gonna ask a few questions to see if we can narrow it down. 1. How did you cycle your tank? 2. What do you use to measure your salinity / S. gravity? 3. How did you acclimate your fish? 4. Are you dosing anything in your water? 5. How often do you test your water...
  14. red tiger

    my first 125 gallon tank

    There's a reason why it's called Achilles Tang! I advise against it, seen very few flourish and many die. I only know of one, it is in a 600 tank thats been established since 2002 and the tang introduced about 18 months ago! But if you must!
  15. red tiger

    PEZenfuego's 4 gallon Pico Tank Diary

    They don't have to be nice, just functional to what you want it for and intend to use it, here is a pic of my frag tank that i am setting up, again not pretty but functional. Plus @ home depot they cut the wood to the size you need it to be. The 8" pieces on the bottom are my extras!
  16. red tiger

    Sharing my little reef

    Quote: Originally Posted by rlablan Red tiger- Thank you very much. kind of you to say. He really likes this MH light... He did not care for the LED's in my other tank as much. I am noticing that while the Leds are okay for allowing corals to live, I do not get much extention. I have mine on...
  17. red tiger

    PEZenfuego's 4 gallon Pico Tank Diary

  18. red tiger

    Sumps and other filtration

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Limpid Then is much easier to buy a tank with over flows or have a tank drilled for over flows. Yes, some LFS drill holes for like $15 a hole, which you only need one! But built in overflows works good also!
  19. red tiger


    There are books out there that can explain it way better then I can, "the conscientious aquarist" is a very good book. What set up do you currently have, and how long has it been up?
  20. red tiger

    Trying to avoid disaster

    Quote: Originally Posted by LITTLEDYNAM1TE Y is lighting so expencive Lighting will be one of the most expensive items for a reef tank, for a fish only, I'd only have at least a dual T5 set up. You have to understand, that when you have $1,000+ worth of coral the light is one of the most...