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  1. yimmy

    Thinking of starting a tank for a dwarf fuzzy lion

    Hey guys, I've been out of the hobby for a while now, I used to have a 95gal when I was younger that I got when I was 14, now I'm 19 moved out in college, but I don't have the finances/space to do that for a while. That being said I really want a dwarf fuzzy lion fish, however I'm not sure of...
  2. yimmy

    Thinking about nano set up?

    I'm not sure what type of pump Here are the spcifications of the tank tho 14.3gallons pump volume-137gph (Might drop another ph in for circulation) Lanp Wattage-10,000K-24wat actinic length=14.96in widthe=15.49 height=13
  3. yimmy

    Thinking about nano set up?

    I'm not sure if I plan on buying filtration since the biocube has a lot built in, I'm planning on getting rock and fish and sand from my LFS. What I'm wondering is is there anything with the cube filtration thats not quite up to par that you need to substitute with something else, I've heard of...
  4. yimmy

    Thinking about nano set up?

    Thanks for the input. I'm going to buy the tank and a lot of stuff from my store, when I traded in rock and fish I got a lot of money and theres no where else to spend it but there.
  5. yimmy

    Thinking about nano set up?

    Hey guys haven't posted in a long time, I used to have a 95gal tank that was to much time and money. I broke it down and its still in my garage unsold since sepetember. I've been dieing to set another tank up but since I'm a junior in highschool and I have college in mind I want to keep it...
  6. yimmy

    favorite quote thread

    Here are some good ones i dont remember who said them all.... "Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow there children to return home" Bill Cosby "Theres to much blood in my alcohol system" "A word to the wise ain't necessary -- it's the stupid ones that need the advice "Bill Cosby
  7. yimmy

    Immm Back

    I think im going to go without, better safe than sorry
  8. yimmy

    Immm Back

    a 95 gal
  9. yimmy

    Immm Back

    I haven't posted in a long time ive been way busy with school and stuff and I now have more time to dedicate to my tank again, I was wondering about getting maybe a dwarf fuzzy. My tanks FOWLR I have Mated pair of clowns bluehippo tang sixline wrasse royal gramma flame angel long nose butterfly...
  10. yimmy

    No School!

    Yeah I've never had a snow day since I live in AZ, but right now I'm wearing shorts and our high is 75 and a low of 60 so I'm content. I still think we should get heat days though...
  11. yimmy

    Urchin Question

    His spines aren't drooping, my sg is around 1.025-1.026, last i tested was a few days ago
  12. yimmy

    Urchin Question

    Originally Posted by sepulatian Please make sure your tanks are established before introducing any urchins. They also require longer acclimation time than fish do (4+ hrs). :happyfish I just realized I made an oops. I got an urchin a week ago, a tuxedo, its fine right now and what not but I...
  13. yimmy

    Longnose Butterfly

    Mine eats anything that goes into the tank, he will eat alagea sheets,mysis,bloodworms,flake food, and any frozen carnivore or herbivore food.
  14. yimmy

    Last Ditch Effort - please advise

    sounds like your doing everything you can do, good luck.
  15. yimmy

    murphys law, you know it

    Sorry to hear that, thats why I told my parents if this happens to close all the valves and turn everything off.
  16. yimmy

    Tang Survey

    I have a Blue Hippo tang, I've had him for 3months, he was about an inch when I got him, he was a "freeb" at my LFS because he had HILLE, I brought him back to normal and hes now in my 95gal. Hes now 3inches. He eats anything that gets dropped in the tank except mysis, but Alagea Sheets, Flake...
  17. yimmy

    tangs and greens question?

    I feed my tang nori, alagea sheets, my tang also might be a little "akward" because he goes crazy over flake food. Also they make a frozen herbivore food too, I'm not to sure but I think its marine cuisine.
  18. yimmy

    another flow question

    I'm not too sure but you might want to have your tank around 20x overlay, meaning in your case 1200gph. I'm not to sure though, if thats overkill, the more current the better.
  19. yimmy

    Need a Stocklist Sanity Check for my 240

    Butterfly fish are extremely "delicate" fish. I had a Long Nose, he died just because my ac bonked out and my tank went from 78-80 and back down to 78 in a few hours and that nocked him over. I now have another one. Long noses are supposed to be the hardiest buttefly of the bunch along with...
  20. yimmy

    Need a Stocklist Sanity Check for my 240

    This is what I did and it saved me money at the same time. I have a 95gal and I put in I think 80lbs of LR. Then I put in 30lbs of LR that wasn't cured...basically the stuff that wreaked. It cycled my tank in about 2 weeks. I wouldn't put fish in though because they most likely won't make it...