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    Help Me Name My Pet Rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aeval

    I thought this was very Cool

    Very cool~! :-)
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    How addicted are you?

    Oh My Gosh, this explains so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought mine was the only house going through all these changes! Keith has become so obsessed! We have tanks all over the house, huge plans constantly for what he is doing next, and now he works so many hours just to cover his expenses in...
  4. aeval

    Pics of my 55 gallon

    I think it looks great so far~! It seems you have some nice pieces of live rock, and the more I see sand beds versus the crushed coral beds, the more I like them. I can see us having to change to sand in all our tanks soon... sigh.. expensive hobby :-) BTW, I think it's great that you are self...
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    Pics of my 55 gallon

    I think he means he pays for his own stuff. He is 16 and doesn't rely on his parents to pay for his hobby. I think it's admirable and shows responsibility and dedication. :-)
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    Any tips for getting rid of fleas?

    My vet recently told me that you can use Dawn dishwashing liquid, not the antibacterial kind, to kill the fleas on the dog so you can get ahead of the growth cycle. You should dust the yard, and the house too. You might also try D.E. from the local feed store. It's safe and can be used on...
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    Help me name my sailboat.

    Serendipity Main Entry: ser·en·dip·i·ty Pronunciation: -'di-p&-tE Function: noun Etymology: from its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip : the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also : an instance of this...
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    Helppppp please!!!!

    Hi everyone, So we turned on the lights this morning on the bow front, and there is this little white worm on the front glass. I am afraid to leave it in there because I am afraid it is bad, but I don't want to remove and kill the little guy if he is good. My digital camera broke last weekend...
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    Pics of my 26 bow

    cool tank
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    some of my stuff ...

    Incredible! I love those rust colored mushrooms.
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    A contest!!!! :cheer:

    That pic is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pics of my 26 bow

    Those pics came out great! I am so glad you got that new camera! <hugs>
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    Looking for some installation help is the DFW area

    Hi there, Well, although $750.00 seems like alot of money, the peace of mind that comes from a professional installation is worth it IMO. If nothing else, you have the LFS to help you out if something goes wrong with their installation. Each gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. Add in live rock, l/s...
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    Hurricane and natural disaster Checklist!!!

    When Rita knocked out our power last year, everyone in the neighborhood was running generators. One generator cancelled out the noise from the others. The first day and a half, we had no generator and had to use inverters and car batteries... THAT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!! If you can order a...
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    The Giant Nano Tank Pic Thread

    up about 2m
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    Pics Of my 10g NANO

    Personally, I like the blue mushrooms I have seen on here in some people's tanks. I wish I had some... I don't know very much about corals. My husband does, but I'm still learning.
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    Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Originally Posted by Cartman101 Ok thats it screw you guys I'm going home. LMAO That's sooooo South Park~!
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    AVEL question about ur lighting in ur 2.5?

    I can't put a link on here. Please email my husband at for details. :-)
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    any good cheap light for a nano?

    This is an Odyssea 13 in. 24wt 50/50 that will fit your tank. We paid $29.95. I don't know of any at $40.00 that will be strong enough for hard corals. :notsure:
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    New 40 Gallon

    Viper930 says the ratio is one inch per 5 gallons of water. I hope this helps. Have a nice night :-)